Best Aruba Snorkeling Tours

Aruba is exactly what everyone imagines a beautiful Caribbean island to be: warm and vibrant, with white sandy beaches covered by turquoise waters, perfect for snorkeling. The island is located in the southern part of the Lesser Antilles chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea, almost part of South America. The fact that this Dutch-administered country is only 17 miles (27 km) from the north coast of Venezuela means that the culture of the Dutch colonial period and the indigenous cultures of South America and the Caribbean have blended perfectly to create a resort rich in culture and natural resources.

Snorkeling in Aruba is one of the best ways to see the island’s fascinating marine wildlife, and the best way to get into some of the secluded spots is to take a tour. There are enough options to meet most people’s expectations, so here are five of the best snorkeling tours around Aruba based on price, length of time, health and safety, equipment availability and itineraries. Previous guest reviews were also taken into account. All tours are run daily unless otherwise noted.

Catamaran Snorkeling
From 50 RMB/person
The cruise can take you to some snorkeling spots that are inaccessible by land and road. Escape to Aruba’s popular beaches for a quality one-on-one tour with residents of the island’s coastal waters. Your boat is the Aruba Catamaran, a 20-meter (65-foot) catamaran with netted water and plenty of deck space for you to sunbathe while snorkeling. Snorkeling equipment is available on board, and an open bar and free snacks are provided. These include the Boca Catalina Bay and a wreck called the Antilla, which was sunk in World War II, just below the water and covered in marine life. This tour lasts about two and a half hours.

Aruba Snorkel Cruise to Antilla Island with lunch provided
From $65/person
Like the catamaran tour above, the SS Antilla wreck is a highlight of the Aruba snorkeling experience, but is only accessible by boat. The wreck is one of the largest in the Caribbean. This tour is great value for money, with three main dive sites included in five hours, and lunch and an open bar included in the price. You can also enjoy lunch at Malmok before donning the snorkeling gear you provided and observing the fish feeding up close. The tour group meets at MooMba Beach Bar at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

Explore Aruba with bus and snorkel tours
From 51RMB/person
For early risers, this 4-hour early morning tour combines land and sea routes. Pick up at your hotel or cruise ship for a guided tour of some of the island’s major landmarks along the way, including the Caspari Formation along the coastline, with its natural coral limestone bridges, and the Aloe Vera factory, which celebrates the island’s important cash crop. At the end of the trip, you can stroll along the sandy shores of Arashi Beach, using the snorkeling tools provided, and look down on the blue waters. Refreshments are provided for the Monday-Saturday trip.

All Day Island Jeep Adventure with Snorkeling
From $115/person
If you have more time and money, then you might be able to reach some of Aruba’s more obscure attractions. This exciting full-day tour uses an off-road vehicle to access some of the more rugged and pristine parts of Aruba, including Alicoque National Park and the petroglyphs of the Aruba Caves. There are also two opportunities to swim and snorkel at the popular baby beach and the quieter natural pool. We will provide a BBQ lunch and water. As with all snorkeling trips, to protect the fragile reef, bring biodegradable sunscreen/sunscreen. Tours depart daily from the Oranjestad Hotel or cruise ship.

Aruba Sea Diving Snorkeling Tour
From RMB 37 per person
Aruba is a small island, so there are none of those hidden secrets that are found in a much larger country. That being said, there are plenty of beaches on the island with plenty of snorkeling opportunities, such as the stunning turquoise waters of Baby Beach. This half-day tour will hop around between this beach and another beach (usually Mangel Halto Beach), both of which have soft sand. Both attractions have schools of tropical fish darting under the waves. This tour only runs every Friday to coincide with the arrival time of the main cruise ship. Pick up from the ship or your hotel is fine.

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