3 Best Abu Dhabi Dubai Tours

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is in many ways a modern place. This oil-rich center occupies a scattering of contiguous islands on the Persian Gulf coast. Here, glass skyscrapers, shopping malls, hotels and even theme parks abound. There’s not a lot of history here, but from a tourism perspective, that oil money is being spent more and more wisely, with parks, palaces, mosques, and, from 2019, Abu Dhabi’s own Louvre Museum opening to visitors, enriching the cultural landscape.

Abu Dhabi can be travelled from Dubai, a fellow United Arab Emirates to the north. Abu Dhabi is no stranger to the flamboyance and glamour of the desert itself, and a day trip to Abu Dhabi is a great way to experience another major city in the region during your holiday in Dubai. There are many types of day trips to Abu Dhabi, including half-day trips and full-day trips that offer a full range of cultural and religious sites of significance. Here are three of the best attractions.

Abu Dhabi Small Group Tour & Etihad Towers Tickets
From $79/person
The nine-hour itinerary focuses on some of Abu Dhabi’s most impressive landmarks, including highlights such as Sheikh Zayed’s Grand Mosque and the Etihad Tower. The former is a modern mosque that only began construction in 1996, but is one of the best examples of Islamic architecture. You will spend 90 minutes on a guided tour of the place. The Etihad Towers are another modern miracle of Abu Dhabi. The five-towered building encompasses a variety of building types, including a 74-story observation deck with unobstructed views of Abu Dhabi and the surrounding area.

Full Day Abu Dhabi Tour from Dubai
From RMB 82/person
Like the other tours on this list, this Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour starts with a hotel pickup in Dubai. Drive along the eight-kilometre Corniche Road, which ends at a palm-lined beach. Visit the famous Qasr al Watan presidential palace, which is only open to the public in the summer of 2019. It’s a great opportunity to get a glimpse into the way the UAE is governed, and the legacy that underpins it all. Other highlights include the Central Sukh and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Please note that, as with all tours on this list, conservative dress is required to enter the mosque and all male and female visitors are required to wear conservative clothing.

Grand Mosque and Louvre Museum Dubai Tour
From 86RMB/person
Unlike the other tours on this list, the highlights of Abu Dhabi are quite modern. In contrast, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque) is quite old, despite being decades old. But it’s no exception to its beauty, and this tour from Dubai incorporated everything about it, including Swarovski crystal-encrusted glass panels, crystal chandeliers and huge hand-woven rugs.Later in 2019, one more stunning Louvre Museum on the city skyline, the Louvre Museum on Saadiyat Island. This iconic design is a masterpiece of modern architecture and contains a collection of art and culture from the region and the world.

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