Best 5 Clinicis For Dental Implants In Cancun

Mexico is a popular destination for Americans and Canadians seeking affordable dental work. In fact, Texas and California have several small border towns whose entire economies depend on dentistry. For some travelers, a trip to Mexico for a dental visit can save up to 70%, and the idea of getting first-class medical care in their country in addition to a tropical getaway is very tempting.
Dentists in Mexico are known for their level of artistry and the latest technological advances. In this article, we compare more than 50 clinics in Cancun, which is one of the most popular dental tourism destinations. We recommend booking through Dental Departures, a powerful directory of only the best and most prestigious dental practices in Mexico.

Cancun Dental Specialists
blvd kukulcan km 11.5 (plaza flamingo)
There’s a reason why Cancun Dental Specialists is one of the most popular practices in Cancun. With a small army of oral surgeons, restorative specialists, endodontists, periodontists, general dentists, and master technicians who handle complex laboratory cases, they have hundreds of excellent reviews and a staff with extensive and impressive credentials. On-site labs and bilingual staff allow specialists to work closely with patients on crowns, veneers, implants and dentures. Cancun dental specialists are conveniently located in the hotel area, and they will pick you and three other people up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel – some patients even go directly from the airport to the clinic.

Ocean Dentistry
BLVD.KUKULCAN KM.KUKULCAN KM.12.7 plaza flamingo.
For customers looking for a Mexican dental practice to reach the high level they are used to, Ocean Dental is a great choice. The practice is a member of the American Dental Association and has treated thousands of patients from the United States, Canada and many other countries. The staff is fluent in English and Ocean Dental is a complete dental practice offering services ranging from X-rays, dental implants, crowns, dentures, and dentures to complete cosmetic surgery for the smile. They also offer free quotes and offer same-day crowns, veneers and bridges. Cleanings and exams are also free and most major teeth whitening services are free.

Cancer Center
Pabellon caribe, office 215 av. NICHUPTé
Perio-Implants Cancun is a practice specializing in periodontal and dental implants for clients who need dental implants and advanced gum disease treatment. The clinic uses titanium screws for planting and their office has the latest technology. The practice is run by Dr. Leonardo Sierra Longega, who has authored several scientific papers related to periodontal disease and dental implants, and lectures frequently in the United States, Mexico, Panama and Ecuador. In addition to dental implants, Perio-Implants Cancun offers gingival resection, gingivoplasty/gingivoplasty, osteoplasty, sticky tooth surgery, crown lengthening, crown hypersensitivity treatment, bad breath treatment and more.

German Dental Centre
BLVD.Kukulkán km 13, torre la europea Kukulkán km 13, torre la europea
Located in the same building as the U.S. and British consulates, the clinic is one of the safest areas of the city, with all treatment rooms facing the beautiful Nichupte Lagoon. The team here is multilingual and offers services such as general and specialty dental care such as restorations, dental implants, whitening treatments, periodontal disease, root canals and more. The practice is headed by Professor Thomas Koty, a renowned dental implant specialist, who opened his first practice in 1991 and has since founded several large clinics around the world. If he looks familiar, it’s because he’s also a widely known author whose Munich clinic was the backdrop for a popular reality TV show.

Dental design studio
bonampak avee, sm 3, mz 8
Dental design studios take a holistic approach to dental tourism, acknowledging that you are traveling to save money, but you may also want to enjoy your vacation time. As a result, they offer a wide range of services, including dental implants, crowns, veneers, root canals, cosmetic surgery and more. All of the doctors at the Dental Design Studio are members of the American Dental Association, and the practice has invested heavily in the latest equipment and technology.

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