Best B&bs Guest Houses And Cheap Hotels In Camden

Camden is best known for its eponymous market, which has been at the heart of London’s counterculture for generations. With spectacular bars and a vibrant music scene, you won’t have to leave the borough to spend weeks at a time. It’s also worth noting that central London is right on your doorstep.

As far as hotels go, you won’t be short of them. Surprisingly, there are a number of really good budget hotels to choose from. Although it’s worth pointing out before you do that some have seriously seen better days. We to sort out the good deals from just plain cheap.

From £18 per night
Seasoned backpackers know what they’re getting when they see a sign for a St. Christopher’s hostel. Yes, these sprawling hostels aren’t always for everyone. But if you’re looking for a cheap place to spend the night near central London, guaranteed clean and comfortable hostels, reliable WiFi. And companionship, then there’s no better place to be than here.

From £84 per night
The Georgian terraces around Camden and Bloomsbury have almost more hotels like the Alhambra than you can count! . But while many of them suffer from damp, mould and selfless staff, this place represents a beacon of hope. It’s cozy and comfortable, with WiFi and TV in every room, and even a 24-hour reception desk, reflecting the increasingly sleepless city! , in its finding.

From Pound23 per night
There’s something undeniably playful about this place. Whether it’s the random armor decorations, the Manhattan-esque network of fire escapes, or just the attitude of the staff, we can’t say . But the point is, this is a terrific deal, whether you want your own room or hostel, with good transport links to Camden! Proper or central London, as well as all the conveniences you would expect from such a stylish place in a modern city.

Charlotte’s Hotel
From £55 per night
There is an argument to be made that no one really lives in central London. While it may be true that the metropolitan area is less dedicated to family life than equivalent areas in other European capitals, on closer inspection, you Many beautiful terraces will be found, like the one where Charlotte Guest House is located, in the among the businesses. So come for the true Londoner experience, and of course for its comfort, style and modern conveniences.

From Pound57 per night
Because no London hotel guide would really be complete without including at least one bar…. Again, such proximity to the action may not be for everyone, but this lovely Victorian building offers authenticity and Great value, as well as comfortable rooms where WiFi, TV and en-suite are standard.

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