Best Blue Lagoon Tours From Reykjavik

One of the most popular activities around Reykjavik, the Blue Lagoon Tour is a great way to see Iceland’s unique man-made landscapes while taking a short break from the country’s capital Reykjavik. Formed after the opening of the nearby geothermal power station, the Blue Lagoon has become a magical outdoor hot spring amidst the black, jagged rocks of the lava field.

Many people head first to Reykjavik as soon as they arrive in Iceland, and the capital city is the main base for tour companies to head to the Blue Lagoon from here. While there are many tours and short trips, most include the Blue Lagoon as part of a larger tour that also includes some other notable landmarks in the area. Here are some of the best options for Blue Lagoon tours and short trips from Reykjavik.

Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon Full Day Tour
Starting price: €119/person
Some of Iceland’s most popular attractions, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Tinviril National Park, make for a great day trip to learn about the geological wonders of Iceland. The tour will visit fountains like Strokkur, which erupts about 10 times an hour, and Gullfoss Falls is another highlight of the trip, followed by a muscle soak in the geothermal baths at Blue Lagoon. The entrance fee for the Blue Lagoon, like many tours from Reykjavik, is not included in the tour fee.

Golden Circle Tours & Blue Lake Transfers
From 110 euros per person
Another competing tour has an equally eclectic itinerary, this one lasting about 11 hours, visiting the Kerid Crater, which is filled with milky, light blue waters with dark volcanic slopes, Gullfoss Falls (one of the best waterfalls throughout Iceland), and Thingvellir National Park, where many geothermal processes can be seen. Be sure to bring a bathing suit, as the tour group goes all the way to the Blue Lagoon and there is an additional fee to enter the Blue Lagoon, but towels and body wash will be provided here. Before returning to Reykjavik, visitors will have a few hours to soak in the geothermal water.

Reykjavik Gold Circle Tour & Blue Lagoon Tour
From 186 euros per person
Tickets for the Blue Lagoon are usually around €60, so a good option is to pay for a combination package that includes the cost of the tour and the cost of the ticket. The 14-hour day trip allows for extra time at many of the attractions, as well as an hour after returning to Reykjavik to shower and get your swimsuits together before heading to the mineral-rich natural pool at the Blue Lagoon.

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