Best Cheap Hotels In Gangnam Seoul

Seoul is one of the most exciting cities in the world. If you’re looking for a hotel with the legendary Gangnam style (modern without being trendy) without being charged Gangnam prices, there are some great options in the coolest neighborhood of the Korean capital.
Here, price is obviously the most important factor, but in Gangnam, cheap is certainly the most enjoyable. This list takes into account the hotel’s location and amenities, as well as customer reviews in recent months, giving it an extra boost.

Artiste Hotel
Private rooms from $69/night
The rooms at The Artist Yeoksam are designed in rustic black and white with occasional wood tones that are very modern. In keeping with the modernist style, the rooms are quite well appointed, with laptops in some rooms. All the rooms have flat-screen TVs and refrigerators, as well as air conditioning, but these elements seem a bit bland considering the extra amenities here. Few cities in the world are as advanced as Seoul. The hotel is just a few minutes away from Yeosan Station and one stop away from the bustling subway station in the heart of Jiangnan.

Jiangnan Hotel
Private rooms from $82/night
The Stay Hotel has a fresh, airy feel, with some rooms almost Scandinavian in style. The rooms at the hotel are comfortably air-conditioned and have amenities such as a hairdryer, toiletries, bathrobes, a refrigerator and a kettle. The internet in the hotel is fast, but if you’re a first-time visitor to Seoul, you’ll soon find that these are the norm, no matter what you do in this futuristic city.

Private rooms from $55/night
While the d├ęcor can feel a bit dated, the amenities and prices of the rooms, coupled with the excellent location, will make most guests satisfactorily overlook the lack of appearance of the M.Biz Hotel. Breakfast is included in the price, giving one more reason to keep an eye on the accommodation here. The location is a little further from Gangnam Station than other hotels, but it’s also only a few minutes away by subway.

Private rooms from $83/night
Capace is a newcomer to the Gangnam hotel scene. It opened just a few years ago, but still maintains a sleek, fresh style. Designed with the most modern of travel-related concerns, there is nothing unsatisfying in the rooms here. Laptops, flat-screen TVs, showers and bathtubs are a year-round necessity. Meanwhile, mosquito nets may seem redundant in theory, but they would be very useful in Seoul during the summer.

Prince Hotel
Private rooms from $65/night
Apgujeong, where the Princess Hotel is located, shows another side of the Gangnam area. There are two features here, especially shopping and cosmetic surgery. Shopping and plastic surgery. Both features are evident in the super chic shopping boutiques and multi-level plastic and dental practices. Perhaps to the contrary, the area also has some excellent restaurants, although it’s never hard to find good, cheap food anywhere in Korea. The hotel has neat and comfortable rooms, although some feel a little lacking in character. Nonetheless, the room has great amenities, including a bathroom with storage, refrigerator, kettle, flat-screen TV and a small seating area.

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