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There’s a well-known riddle about a man who goes to St. Ives. Well, he has good reason. This maritime hub for artists has been attracting visitors for generations – with or without wives. With beautiful beaches, quaint local architecture and a vibrant, creative cosmopolitan community, it’s easy to see why. From surfers to local history buffs, there really is something here for all visitors.

The hotels here are great too. Full of Cornwall charm and hospitality, they’re still in a state of popularity (not all British seaside resorts can do it all) and are doubly efficient due to the constant stream of visitors they face all year round. They fill up quickly, and high demand, alas, also leads to high prices – which may be a budget choice for us, but with other UK Local hotels are far from cheap compared to these hotels. That said, few other places in the UK have hotels this good!

From £80 per night.
With spectacular panoramic views of St Ives, Garrack is a great value hotel just outside the hustle and bustle of the town. The hotel offers bright rooms featuring a luxurious English style, as well as modern conveniences such as TV and WiFi, and an indoor Swimming pool and sauna. It’s also a great place to relax at the end of the day, with a lovely leafy garden and a restaurant specialising in fresh seafood and local cuisine! Restaurant. 15 minutes walk to the center of St. Ives.

From £98 per night
As a traditional British pub hotel, but eschewing any idea of a classic dingy boozer, in the attic there are A few quirky rooms, the Queens Hotel shines in vintage fashion, finished with rough wood furniture and bright, lightly painted rooms , and pleasantly idiosyncratic decor, often because not a reference to the sea. All rooms at the hotel have WiFi and TVs, and the dining at the hotel is award-winning cuisine. And it’s right in the middle of town.

Palma Hotel
From £99 per night
With some magnificent views across the rooftops of St Ives and its own quaint English seaside charm, the Palmer Hotel is the place to imagine! The place to stay when you come to Cornwall on holiday. There are tea and coffee making facilities in every room, as well as more up-to-date luxuries such as TV and WiFi. Best of all, there’s a sun deck: a great place to get away from the crowds and enjoy the sunshine. Rooms will inevitably be sold out, so book early!

From £119 per night
Standing alone a little further out of town, Halwell Lodge really does feel like a strong and warm entry into a Cornwall home! Experience. From homemade breakfasts to marshmallow beds, a stay here is like being embraced in a soft hug – naturally including WiFi, flat-screen TVs, a Tea and coffee making facilities. The icing on the cake is the hosts, who are hospitable and offer great travel advice. It’s a 10 minute drive to St Ives and parking is available on site.

Western region
From £99 per night
A historic pub with lots of rooms and character, right in the heart of St Ives. The rooms here aren’t fancy, but they’re clean and comfortable, and earn the simple point of not trying to be something they’re not! They also come in many different configurations, including those with space for five people – ideal if you’re traveling as a family or group. They also have lots of different configurations, including those with space for five – ideal if you’re travelling as a family or group. The downstairs bar serves hearty British food and is lively most nights, often with a live band. WiFi is free throughout and the breakfast is superb!

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