Best Cheap Hotels In Stratford-Upon-Avon

If the world is a stage, then Stratford is where William Shakespeare starred. He was born in 1564 in this town, which still has the character of the Tudor period, and returned to die here in 1616, during which time he produced some of the greatest literary works ever written. Today, he’s more than just a cottage industry here, attracting visitors from the novelty of the mug to the theatrical performances he’s written.
Whether you head to Stratford just to see a play, on a profound literary pilgrimage, or indeed not entirely by the Bard, and are more interested in the quaint English town, we have searched high and low to find the right hotel for you. There are a fair few around given the size of Stratford, although with so many people passing through, there are inevitably a few tourist traps to mar their number. Stick with these five and you can’t go wrong!

£60 per late start.
Welcome to Deep Britain. Named after Shakespeare’s mother (from the more prosperous side of the Shakespeare family), this inn is the living embodiment of the English countryside and is easily reminiscent of being here since time immemorial. It’s so comfortable and offers free WiFi in public areas, which is simply icing on the cake. In the colder months, there is a log fire in the lounge and, when warm, a garden. Then, of course, there are the on-site bars and restaurants.The Mary Arden Hotel is a bit far from Stratford itself, so if you have a car, it’s best to stay here.

£70 per late start.
This is the perfect blend of fashion and tradition that is English country living. Three minutes outside of Stratford, The Stag Hotel is a great place to explore more than just the beautiful countryside of Shakespeare. The building is as old as the bard himself, but that doesn’t stop the management from installing all the necessary modifications: yes, that means TVs and WiFi throughout the room. Incredible value, with a restaurant and bar on site: two great Falstaffian nights.

Stratford Rhyme Hotel
£99 per late rise.
This 5-star hotel is located in Stratford, one kilometre from the city centre. The rooms at the hotel are very comfortable, homely, and cozy. The hotel even has a DVD player, just in case. There’s also a bar and plenty of restaurants within walking distance. Breakfast is included in the price.

new inn
£95 per late rise.
As its name suggests, the place has the feel of an English country inn, combined with a more classic hotel. The staff at the hotel are very nice, keeping the rooms immaculate and cooking a delicious breakfast from scratch. The rooms have a TV, tea and coffee making facilities, a standard bathroom, and free WiFi in public areas, making it a dream place.

Best Western Grosvenor Hotel
£75 per late rise.
Because there are hotel chains in Stratford – their known number should be more your thing – and this Best Western hotel is one of the best. Located in a beautiful Georgian building (not exactly like Shakespeare, but still, you know, old) this centrally located hotel offers all the top-notch service that the best Western global quality has led us to expect. These services include flat-screen TVs in all rooms, Wi-Fi, and 24-hour room service to keep you energized while reading your newly purchased copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare late at night.

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