Best Coworking Spaces In Barcelona

The Internet and technological advances have made it possible for freelancers to work from any corner of the world; Barcelona’s climate makes it an ideal place to seek out The obvious choice for relocating and teleworking workers.

It’s easy to find freelance creatives in this city, especially those who are navigating their startups or young apps Designers whose skills can be shared with many industries. Barcelona is also very convenient for those who travel within the city limits, with relatively cheap metro travel and its own Bike share programs.

Co-working spaces are easy to find throughout the city, from north to south, from beaches to hills. The rates and prices offered by these spaces often depend on the number of hours you want to visit or the requirements the job has. Within each space is a vibrant hub of workers: a mix of cultural and professional backgrounds, trading skills and embracing each other. We’ve chosen seven of the best of these, spanning the entire city, each with its own identity, to help you choose the ideal one in Barcelona! Workspace.


Located near the university and popular museum district, Coworkidea has a very steady work pace. Two floors of space are occupied by different professionals. The upstairs has larger teams and more established staff, while the first floor is divided into a hot table area and a fixed table area, with the hot table area dominated by a separate Used by freelancers, who can choose to use it part-time or full-time; fixed table areas rented by small groups, enterprises or freelancers . Each different type of worker can choose the parameter plan that best suits their needs, and some rates are available 24 hours a day. Evening and shared office events include weekly lunches, yoga and networking nights to introduce new individuals or teams to the community.

Carrer de Torres i Amat 21

Chiringi Office

Chiringuito is one of the casual beach bars propped up on the sands of the Catalan coast; at the Chiringuit, the founder, took this idea and created a whole workspace full of this vibe! . The space was founded by SciArt Design, a multidisciplinary team of digital freelancers , located in the popular creative area of Poble Nou. Located just 5 minutes from the beach, the space is perfect for those who value work-life balance. As well as being the perfect base for digital nomads and creative freelancers, Chiringuit also has its own art gallery! , which adds to the vitality of the tourists and workers who frequent the area.

Carrer de Ramon Turró, 257-259

Warehouse laboratory

Built by co-founders Deborah and Renzo, this co-working space is great for natives and newcomers alike! Come to that, it’s all a home. The co-founders are like the parents of the space, working in-house and providing for everything; building and participating in the venue’s various aspects.Depot Lab is the bridge between the Eixample downtown area and the Gracia Creative Center, which Has a warm welcoming atmosphere and social aspect that shows how co-working spaces can grow into a community. Each day of the week has a different evening gathering set up to help freelancers and entrepreneurs.

One of the two locations is located near Joanic and the other is located next to the Verdeguer subway, making it convenient for all of the city’s People go there, and there are a number of Bicing stations (a local bike share service) nearby for active commuters. The space has been divided for the convenience of commuters: a bright café and hot table area can be used throughout the day, a fixed Private desks, workspaces and meeting rooms are all available for rent, with price plans to suit your own individual needs.

Carrer del Bruc, 149 and Carrer de Joaquim Ruyra 9 – 11.


La Vaca found the perfect home in Poble Sec, based on an old dairy, here has undergone a remarkable transformation: the modern workspace consists of exposed stone interiors, with high ceilings of windows illuminating the The whole space. At the end of a busy day upstairs, socialising downstairs will take priority with a bar, games area and cinema. Independent workers looking to build new relationships and add a social aspect to their work will be comfortable here.

As with most co-working spaces, there are rates to suit all working styles. Despite being one of the new spaces in the city, La Vaca is quickly seeing many travellers returning to their premises on a regular basis, taking advantage of the Passes created specifically for digital nomads, as well as 10-day passes or flexible plans.

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19


Aticco occupies a penthouse at the intersection of Eixample and El Born, and is a large combined office space, its popularity may lead to a waiting list of those wishing to join. In addition to the desk space offered by many other spaces, Aticco has private offices that appeal to small independent businesses and collectives Space. The space and atmosphere here is more akin to a regular office, for freelancers looking for regular and quality office amenities. Popular here. Services here include 24-hour access, a rooftop terrace with 360-degree views, and gym membership.

Ronda Sant Pere, 52

Coco Coffice

At Sant Antoni, Coco Coffice’s stylish venue could easily be mistaken for a café. And that’s what inspired co-founders Carole and Axel. The upside here, however, is that workers can escape the crowded coffee shops and work in co-working spaces without the co-working space Social pressure or organizational networks are often provided. This space is often inhabited by very independent, flexible freelancers. Another unique aspect of this place is that workers also don’t have to commit to a fixed desk or long hours in order to get their money’s worth! , where you pay by the hour and when you arrive at the space, the owner will explain everything to you.

Another original concept the team is working on is Coco Coffice’s Satellites. The Satellites are creating a network of co-working spaces across Barcelona; user flexibility is the key to this project. The key. Selecting unique unused spaces that are adaptable to work and reflect the chic aesthetics of the original office has become the co-working space network’s Part. Choose from daily, monthly, and weekly rentals and you’ll have access to any of the Satellites spaces, which currently include spaces in El Raval’s spaces La Confiteria and Bar Muy Buenas, as well as the space at the Margot House in Paseo de Gracia.

Carrer de Manso, 17


While other spaces go big, the spirit of sustainable community is what makes Apocapoc so appealing. Tucked away in the small streets of El Born, the space’s workspaces, terraces and rooftop garden are green and eco-friendly Focus, with fruit trees. Less rigid than many co-working spaces, there are sofas and makeshift tables here, being used by creative workers and events. However, the rates here are similar to many spaces: based on daily or monthly usage, and whether you want to have an Fixed desks. This space differs from traditional co-working by renting out space to a variety of projects in the evenings and on weekends; a particular highlight is the community Supported cooking events.

Passatge Hort dels Velluters, 5

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