Best Coworking Spaces In San Francisco

As the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California, San Francisco is probably best known today for being home to a large number of start-ups. Businesses and global tech companies, together, make up the “Silicon Valley”. For budding entrepreneurs eager to one day join in, the city is also dotted with co-working spaces where people can Here spend money on a communal desk to work with like-minded people.

If you’re planning to spend some time in San Francisco and want to use co-working space during your stay, we did some research and Pick the 10 best co-working offices in the city based on price, membership flexibility, opening hours, social events and amenities Place.


This three-story co-working space is located in a former printing warehouse near some of San Fran’s best restaurants, bars and museums! , which bills itself as a hub for arts, culture and community. The venue offers a range of monthly membership packages, with open seating starting at $440 per month, including 24/7 access, napping and privileges such as showers and regular social events. For those looking for more flexible options, Cove also offers “no commitment” co-working on weekday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Point to 7 p.m. The hourly rate is $4, or $32 for a day pass. There’s also an on-site coffee shop, café and taproom.


SHARED was founded in 2013 by award-winning artist, writer and fashion designer Marilyn Yu. It has developed into one of the most distinctive co-working spaces in the city. The concept is centered around a creative “play” space, with a multi-functional space that can accommodate a variety of activities such as thinking, experimenting and collaborating. Membership packages start at $150 per month for weekend and evening hot table use, rising to $350 for daily use. A variety of dedicated spaces are also available. Amenities include a fully equipped kitchen, lounge area, conference and meeting rooms, and bike parking.


CANOPY’s design avoids the look and feel of a traditional office space, offering a look and feel that is inviting to traditional office life. A refreshing antidote to the ears. Their Financial District site has four sites in San Fransisco and offers a variety of membership packages to suit your needs, concierge and facilities, and a busy schedule of events. There is monthly membership only, with pricing starting at $365 per month and daily access to a shared work desk. Members also have access to conference rooms, private phone booths, full-size kitchens, printers/scanners, and tech support.


This vibrant co-working space is great for the various creative professionals, startups and freelancers who come here every day! , is much more than a simple workplace. Rather, it is a veritable cultural, social and recreational center that hosts in-house fitness classes, live music, art exhibits. Happy Hour and other popular events. Membership is also very flexible, with the option to come daily and open seating (including communal bean bags), as well as the more intimate Set up with prices starting at $400 per month. Amenities include a fully furnished kitchen space, printing/scanning facilities, lockers and bike parking.


Located in the central business district of San Fransisco, Anchor is one of the few co-working offices on our list without membership fees! One of the spaces. Instead, you can simply book a monthly floating desk ad hoc, starting at $225 per month, with no additional commitment. You can also “try before you buy” and see if it’s right for you before you shell out the cash. There are also five meeting rooms, a color printer, AppleTV for presentations, and recreational facilities, including a lounge, a Kitchen, meditation area, foosball table, and regular lectures and other events.


SOMACentral has two co-working spaces, one in the warehouse-lined SOMA district and one in the financial district. The SOMA site near Townsend is surrounded by several large companies including, Airbnb, Tech Crunch , Zenga, etc. Hot desks are $375 per month, dedicated desks are $550 per month, and all memberships are on a monthly basis. On-site services and amenities for members include high-speed internet, secure bike parking, small job printing, gourmet coffee. Meeting rooms and phone booths are available, as well as diverse professional and social activities, plus a gaming area for members to relax and enjoy.

Studio Café

Part cafe, part co-working space, guests at the Workshop Café are sure to have a great time while working! Won’t go hungry. In keeping with the café’s casual vibe, there’s no membership required, so you can simply come in, get some work done, and have a cup of Grab a drink or a bite to eat, or you can stay here all day if you’d like. Hot desks are also easy to use, with everything from standing desks to comfortable chairs, and each workstation is equipped with power outlets and Other amenities include lounge space, work-friendly music, Apple TV and printing services. You can also order kitchen food as well as gourmet meals directly from your phone via the dedicated Workshop Café app! Coffee, Wine and Beer.

Center of Influence

Founded in London in 2005, Impact Hub has grown to become an organisation with over 15,000 professional A global community of members, focused on positive social, economic and environmental change in venues around the world. Their San Francisco outpost is a membership-based community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives and professionals, with members Access to co-working space, as well as coffee/tea, private space, printing, frequent events, meeting space rentals, and other amenities. There are two packages for members, one is a community membership, which costs $50 for a one-day pass per month, and the other is a community membership. The price for a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekday pass is $225 per month.


Bespoke is a trio of co-working, presentation and event spaces in downtown San Fransisco! of Bloomingdale’s inside the department store. It’s home to a range of retail technology companies and offers weekday co-working visits from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The price is $35 or 24/7 shared desk access for $416 per month. Monthly members can work in one of the many common areas and also receive 5 hours of meeting room credit per month, as well as include Unlimited printing, phone booth, shared kitchen, community events, quiet library with sleeping area, bike storage, showers and free coffee and tea, among other amenities.Bespoke members also enjoy exclusive offers and discounts from a range of lifestyle brands.

Parisian House

Founded in 2008, PARISOMA is at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area’s tech, design and startup scene. More than just a desk and a chair, membership gives members access to over 100 classes and events per year, and these Classes and activities are designed specifically for their efforts, as well as access to a community of mentors. All types of members have access to printers/copiers, meeting rooms, phone booths, bike racks, and free coffee and tea. Day passes are $25 per day and flexible seating members start at $325 per month.

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