Best French Language Schools In Paris

For anyone moving to a new country, learning a language is the most important way to integrate yourself into everyday life and really get the most out of it. Quick and easy way. It will also serve you well for years to come, improve your job opportunities, and be a great opportunity to meet different people.

There are many French schools in Paris that offer a variety of courses to suit different preferences and needs. We’ve done some research and selected the three best schools based on their range of courses, prices and student evaluations.

Established in 2002, Atelier 9 is located in a traditional apartment in the fashionable theatre district of Paris. The school offers intensive, semi-intensive and intensive evening courses. Courses are as short as one week (21.5 hour sessions), which means that short-term visitors to Paris have plenty of options. Course materials and registration fees are included in the price. The school also runs regular extra-curricular activities, including ballet, cooking, dance, swimming, tennis and yoga. Although the school does not have its own dedicated accommodation service, it works with local agencies to help students find Lodging.

france langue noTRE dame
This language school has two campuses, one at Notre Dame and the other near the Eiffel Tower, before arriving at the Language proficiency placement tests are available to help assess the best course for you. The school offers a range of courses, including standard, intensive and super-intensive courses, many of which are suitable for students coming to Paris. short-term visitors. Also popular is the “French + Paid Work” program, which is ideal for students who plan to work in Paris to to fund their studies; and the “French + Cuisine” program, which combines language lessons with learning about some classic French Culinary Skills. Comprehensive accommodation services help students find the place of their choice.

Accord is one of the most prestigious language schools in Paris and has been in existence for over thirty years. Located on the second floor of a striking Parisian building in the centre of the city, close to the most famous Parisian attractions, the school offers a wide range of courses of different lengths and lengths. Intense and focused courses, including those for absolute beginners. Among those suitable for tourists planning only a short stay in Paris are the intensive general language courses, which can be booked for 1 week or more, 5 per day. -6 classes of 45 minutes. On the leisure side, the school offers dance classes for students enrolled in the school. There is also a special accommodation service.

Sprachcaffe’s Paris School is located on a quiet side street, but close to several shops, bars and restaurants! The school has a range of facilities, including a library and computer labs, as well as a lounge and cafĂ© for students to use. There is a choice of standard, intensive and private lessons, with the standard curriculum consisting of 20 lessons per week. Business and exam preparation courses are also available. The school prides itself on the fact that 100% of its teachers hold university degrees. Students can also book homestay accommodation through the school.

LSI is one of the oldest language schools in Paris, located in the heart of the city, close to the Pompidou Centre. classrooms, taught by experienced instructors who are well trained to get the best out of their students. As for the courses on offer, there are a range of courses of varying duration and intensity, which means there will be one to suit every student’s needs. There are courses that combine language study with courses in gastronomy and art history, designed to immerse students in French culture. There are also plenty of on-campus facilities, including computer labs, a library, a fully equipped kitchen, snack and drink machines, a Lounge and movie room. Outside of the classroom, leisure activities arranged by the school include ballet, basketball, horseback riding and yoga. Students can also book accommodation through the school.

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