Best Ghana & Safari Tours In Accra

Located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa, Ghana is known for its diverse wildlife, ancient forts and secluded beaches. For safari adventures, many visitors opt for Accra, the capital city, which is an ideal jumping off point for some exoticism! The species that make Ghana home.

Finding the right trip for you depends on many factors such as budget, length of stay and preferred mode of transportation. We’ve done some research and come up with three different trips that will hopefully inspire you to visit this amazing country.

4 day safari in Molly National Park from Accra.
From USD 960.25 per person.
This 4-day walk and drive will take you into the heart of Mori National Park, which is known for its elephant watering holes and plenty of other exotic wildlife to be known for. On your first day, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel, which features beautiful scenery. In the evening, enjoy a private drive accompanied by a professional ranger. On the second day, a morning hike ends at the charming Mognori Eco Village, where you will Hop in a canoe and head up the Moor. The rest of the day can be spent as you wish. On the third day, head north to the Weejo Hippo Sanctuary on the Black Volta Rive ( (Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary). Here you may encounter hippos, bats, chameleons, hedgehogs and many different types of lizards and snakes. The next day, after a hearty breakfast, head to Tamale for your flight back to Accra.

Big and Beautiful Tour
From US$ 1,365 per person
This 11-day tour begins at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport, where an experienced guide will meet you and take you to Arno! Hotels in Mabo. Over the next few days, you’ll visit some of Ghana’s most incredible safaris, including Kakumu National Park, Mori National Park and the Mori National Park, where you’ll see a huge variety of animals, from hippos and wild elephants to wild monkeys, bats, chameleons and hedgehogs! and lizards. Other highlights include seeing the sacred monkeys at Boabeng-Fiema, visiting the Hippo Sanctuary. A canoe trip along the Black Volta River and a stop in stunning Kumasi. This itinerary can also be extended to include a casual beach stay at Anomabo Beach Resort, where you can enjoy a stay at the epic Enjoy yourself after your safari adventure.

5-Day Eastern Ghana Highlands Trek from Accra
From $1,055.70 per person
This 5-day tour gives you the opportunity to explore the villages of the Eastern Highlands of Ghana, with its rolling hills, valleys, waterfalls and Rocks. On the first day, your experienced guide will pick you up and take you to TK Beads, a famous bead maker, before continuing on to Shai Hills Resource Reserve, wildlife viewing and hiking through ancestral caves. The next day, head to Tafi Atome for more trekking and monkey watching. On the third day, you’ll embark on the toughest trek of the trip to the majestic Wli Upper Waterfall – a testament to your hard work! The Reward. On the fourth day, you will drive to the foot of Mount Afajato, the highest peak in Ghana, for a short rest before hiking to the summit! The Extremities. On your final day, you will explore the Far East region of Ghana, known for its lush green landscaped mountains and waterfalls, before returning to Accra to Places.

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