Best Grand Teton Wildlife Tours

Visitors to Wyoming usually head straight for the busy roads of Yellowstone National Park, but there’s another wildlife haven in the south that shouldn’t be missed. A wildlife tour almost guarantees that you will see some extraordinary animals Grand Teton National Park. Home to 61 species of mammals such as moose, grizzly and black bears, wolves and cougars, and over 300 species of birds, the only question is how long you want to stay here. Let’s not forget the American bison, which can graze on the park’s mountain aye-tree plains, especially in the fall.

Named after the highest mountain in the national park, the Grand Tetons are dominated by the beautiful peaks of the Tetons, an alpine zone with the Snake River and occasional calm lakes. Wildlife tours in the Tetons often depart from Jackson or Teton Village, one of the area’s major winter ski resorts. There are many different options, so we’ve narrowed the choices down to the best five below, providing an overview of the different types of trips while taking into account factors such as value for money, duration, safety measures and more.

4-Hour Wildlife Tour of Grand Teton National Park

From: $125 per person

You can dedicate a hunting trip to the Grand Teton National Park area, which is best suited for the wonderful wildlife that call this extraordinary place home. During the four-hour trip, you’ll see bighorn sheep, bison, fork-horned sheep and elk, as well as other animals large and small. Guests sit in the back seat of a specially designed hunting vehicle with a trained naturalist and biologist guide. You will be provided with a pair of binoculars to stop at relevant locations to get a better view of the wildlife through the binoculars in order to enjoy the distant views with minimal disturbance.

Half Day Teton Wildlife Safari

From $145 per person

Another great option for a half-day wildlife tour of Grand Teton is this option, which includes a transfer to and from the lodge in Jackson, which is about 10 miles from the entrance to the national park. Explore Grand Teton on this tour and learn all about the natural and cultural history of the area through your guided lectures along the way, plus occasional visitors to the center and stops like the National Horse Deer Refuge. Because the wildlife is wild, there’s no guarantee you’ll see everything, but your guide will be on the lookout for signs of bears, moose, coyotes and foxes along the way. Both morning and afternoon departures are available.

Jackson Grand Teton and Petroglyph Day Tour

From $275 per person

Until recently, throughout our human history, we have lived closer to the natural world and have been living among flora and fauna that most of us now only see online or on television. This love of the natural world has somehow remained constant, as evidenced by the incredible petroglyphs of the Shoshone Native Americans and trips like this one. One of the highlights of this trip, especially in the winter, is the herds of bighorn sheep that are more easily spotted this time of year. You may even see hundreds of them among other animals, such as North American bison, wolves and black-tailed deer. But don’t forget to keep an eye out for bald eagles and golden eagles in the sky, too.

Grand Teton National Park Tour

From $250 per person

There are many great tours in Grand Teton National Park, and some, like this one, offer extra activities in the winter. The snow can last for a long time in the spring, enhancing the rustic beauty of the area and offering opportunities not available to visitors at any other time of the year, including the chance to get off the trails a little during a one-hour sledding tour. During the next eight-hour wildlife tour, or in the absence of snow, you will have the opportunity to spend a full day looking for moose, bighorn sheep, wolves and bears while learning about the natural history and geology of the area.

Winter Day Trip to Teton and National Horse Deer Refuge

From $199 per person

This final tour is especially for winter visitors to Grand Teton National Park. Take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the low valley, off the trails and deep into nature. Where thousands of elk gather to spend the coldest months of the year. For the rest of the trip, follow your expert guide in search of elusive animals on the move, such as coyotes, wolves, bighorn sheep and forked-horned antelope. In addition to the sleigh ride, this tour is in a heated vehicle and lunch is also served at Jackson’s Restaurant. During the tour, each guest can also borrow a pair of binoculars. To ensure that the tour is comfortable and provides a better opportunity to observe wildlife at close range, group size is limited to 10 people.

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