Best Normandy Beach Tours From Paris

D-Day will always be one of the most important days in history, and the events of June 6, 1944, which remains the largest maritime invasion in history, may be long gone, but the relics of that day have been passed down the Normandy coastline of France. Among the many poignant memorials, rows of tragically white crosses and monuments tell an important story.
A day trip from Paris is possible, although the distance in both directions takes about three hours or so, so the days will be longer. Many tours arrange stops at various museums, monuments and facilities to give you a valuable insight into the area. During the visit, it is possible to get a vivid understanding of the events of the day and their significance to the world.

Day trip to Normandy’s D-Day beach from Paris
Starting price: €162/person
Bring history to life on an all-day tour from Paris to the D-Day Landing Beach in Normandy, led by a knowledgeable leader. After seeing the beaches where the Allies came ashore, you can learn the ins and outs of the Battle of Normandy at the Caen Memorial Museum. After lunch, we’ll head to Pointe du Hoc, from where we can see the cliffs of Omaha and Utah beaches. The itinerary also included visits to two cemeteries: the American Cemetery and the cemetery near Juneau Beach, primarily the resting place of the Canadian Army.

Day trip from Paris to Normandy beaches and memorials
From 170 euros per person
While many of the D-Day and Normandy tours from Paris have similar itineraries, this one adds a few local touches. While visiting the area’s World War II sites such as Pointe du Hoc, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery and the various monuments scattered around these sites, visit the Cider House in Normandy. There, you can sample two locally made drinks, Calvados Apple Brandy, and Pommeau, which combines brandy and apple juice.These are included in the price, but not lunch.

Full day tour of Normandy
From EUR 205/person
History is at the heart of this trip. Major attractions visited along the way include the Pointe du Hoc; the German fortifications, and then on to the American Cemetery and Monument at Colleville-sur-mer. Here is an opportunity to visit the ruins of Mulberry Harbour, which was hastily built to speed up the disembarkation of troops. Near this place is the only well-preserved German artillery battery that gives an idea of what the invading army was facing that day. Tickets and transportation are included in the price of this tour. Lunch and drinks are not included. The tour will last approximately 12 hours.

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