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Overlooking the city of Prague is a fantastic medieval castle. It’s a mix of architectural styles, but the Gothic elements of its St. Vitus Cathedral remain the most striking visual in the distance. As you get closer, you can see rows of vineyards on the hillside where the castle sits, stretching down to the river, and the castle complex itself It is just a large labyrinth with a long and storied history that is best understood on a guided tour.

Many trips to Prague will include at least a walk through the Prague Castle. That’s how magnificent it is, and it’s hard to miss. However, for anyone who wants to learn the history and story of one of Prague’s most iconic attractions, a ticketed tour without queues is ideal! The choice. Local guides can help elucidate the relevance of certain aspects of the castle and help you cut down on waiting in line. Here are five of the best Prague Castle tours.

Small Group Guided Tours of Prague Castles
From 34 euros per person
Prague Castle can get quite busy, especially during the peak summer months, so a small group tour is a comfortable way to explore the castle! One of the best ways. Over the course of three hours, you’ll see the highlights of the castle, including St. Vitus Cathedral, the tombs of Charles IV and St. Wenceslas! (and his chapel) to learn more about the architectural and creative touches that can be overwhelming all at once. Examples include the 14th century Last Judgment mosaic and the 12th century frescoes in St. George’s Cathedral.

PRAGUE CASTLE one-hour tour
From 22 euros per person
If you’re pressed for time, but you still want to get a good idea of the highlights of Prague Castle, this one-hour tour! Project, which also allows you to skip the entry line, is a great option. The purpose of this tour is to introduce you to the Hradani district of Prague, where the castle fills in the main gaps, as well as their The accompanying historical facts and stories. You are then free to explore the castle on your own, using the map provided, or head off to tackle the next attraction on your itinerary.

Tickets to Prague Castle
From: 21 euros per person
For visitors who prefer to tour on their own, avoiding large groups and a prescribed order of visits, this admission-only option is a great one! main idea. Also included is admission to the Lobkowitz Palace, which boasts an extensive art collection, including both the Velázquez and Canaletto Works, you can learn all the important information about these two highly acclaimed attractions with the accompanying audio tour. Within the Prague Castle complex, highlights of the audio tour include Golden Lane, lined with castles The cottage where the servants lived, and St George’s Basilica.

Best Six Hours in Prague
From 46 euros per person
There’s so much more to Prague than just the Prague Castle, though it’s certainly one of the highlights. Longer tours can help open up more of the city. At over 6 hours, this excellent tour is not all walking either. It includes a sit-down lunch and drinks (Czech food and Czech beer), and a tour along the Vltava River. The tour will visit parts of the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle complex, which are accessible without a ticket! .

Century tour of Prague Castle and Abbey
From 35 euros per person
If walking for hours on end doesn’t sound too appealing, you can always rely on technology. Shorten the time between each attraction and travel between them in an isolated vehicle with a local guide. The tour begins with a visit to Prague Castle, with time to visit St. Vitus Cathedral and Gardens. Other highlights of the tour include the upscale Murevola and the 15th century brewery and the Strahov Monastery. Helmets are provided for your safety.

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