Best Surf Camps in Salina Cruz Oaxaca

Oaxaca is the surfing capital of Mexico. The rugged coast, exotic beaches and huge waves welcome surfers all year round. The coast is known for some of the biggest waves in the world, and surf camps offer beginners the opportunity to experience Oaxaca’s surf scene under the guidance of experienced surfers.

There are a variety of surf camps in the port city of Salina Cruz, as well as the surfing hotspot of Puerto Escondido. Surf camps and instructors will choose the best and safest spots on the coast for those less experienced, giving you a little extra confidence when you head out. Below we’ve selected three of the best surf camps in Oaxaca, taking into account past reviews, experience levels and prices.

Puerto Escondido

From $105 per person

Puerto Escondido offers a variety of surf camps that allow guests to combine surfing with other activities: learning Spanish, practicing yoga, or both! These surfing experiences range in length from 4 to 15 days with the opportunity to participate in additional activities such as volunteer programs, tours and excursions! Experienced surf instructors lead these surfing lessons, which usually last two hours. In addition to your surfing, Spanish and yoga classes, airport transfers and accommodations are included in the price. The surf camp has its own resort, offering private rooms and shared dormitories.

Mareno Surf Camp

From $100 per person

Marreño Surf Camp offers flexible camps in the surfing paradise of Salina Cruz. Surfing sessions are flexible, with schedules based on participant requests and weather conditions. You can choose to surf twice a day, once after breakfast and another at the end of the evening, or a nine-hour all-in-one surf session. This surf resort is organized by knowledgeable and friendly locals who know the area very well and will introduce visitors to all the hidden surf spots of the coast. The price includes all services: transportation, guide, accommodation with breakfast, airport transportation and surf photography available at an extra cost.

B Surf School

From $100 per person

This fun summer surf camp is ideal for beginners or intermediate level surfers. The Surf School retreats run over seven, fifteen or four weeks throughout December, January and February. Surf camps are either held at the wonderful surfing location of La Punta de Zicatela or on a surf island just a short distance from the mainland. These are beautiful places, full of nature: mangroves, exotic birds and sandy beaches. The surfing experience is packaged and includes all surf lessons by certified instructors, private accommodation, and other extras that vary according to your package.

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