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The popular beach resort of Hurghada, lining the Egyptian Red Sea coast, is a superb place to relax. However, every now and then, the curiosity and desire to have something more fulfilled than to get a sunbathing, can be enough temptation to seek a good The tour guide. There are many excursions from Hurghada, tours in historical and cultural attractions further afield in Egypt, such as the Valley of the Kings, as well as excursions that bring you closer to the The region’s unique natural and cultural bounty.

Participating in a tour is the best way to ensure that you benefit from local knowledge and expertise, while also taking care of all the transportation and organization! . There are plenty of tours and excursions available from Hurghada, but sifting through them all to find the best may Quite time consuming. So that’s what we do for you, based on a variety of factors, including itinerary, value for money and other Previous reviews from customers present the best five.

From $26 per person
The Red Sea is renowned in the tourism world for its incredible marine life. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities around the beautiful coral reefs, which are home to schools of colorful fish. Megawish Island and Giftun Island are the best places for snorkeling near Hurghada, and you can also experience it on a boat! There is life there as dolphins are known to appear alongside the boat. The price includes equipment rental, as well as lunch and drinks, and you’ll have the opportunity to snorkel at three different locations during the 9-hour trip.

Sunset quartet mountain bike tour around the ocean.
From $30 per person.
The Hurghada Desert meets the Red Sea, with endless stretches of gentle beaches and low, flat-topped cliffs. As the sun sets, the arid landscape changes colors and drinks in the warm light. This is the best time to explore and enjoy the coastline around Hurghada, as the air is cooler at this time. And the best way to get around is on a quad bike. On this guided tour, you can drive to the desert caves and in about three hours, you can enjoy the mountains and the Great views of the coastline. Price includes hotel pickup and four-wheel drive rental.

Gypsafari, camel ride and Bedouin village tour.
From $39 per person.
Another great way to experience the Egyptian desert is to drive a jeep. Better yet, a dune buggy. Or maybe you’d prefer to live out a misplaced Lawrence of Arabia reenactment on the back of a camel. Either way, you can experience all of these modes of travel on this outstanding seven-hour tour from Hurghada. Escape the city and start your day with a jeep tour of Bedouin villages. Here you can experience the unique culture and way of life of the nomads. From here, you can experience dune buggying, camel riding, visit a reptile house and end it all with a barbecue dinner and Bedouin tea. All equipment is included except for goggles to protect your eyes from the sand, which can be rented for a small additional fee! .

Day trip to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings
From $86 per person
If Egypt is known for only one thing, it’s the well-preserved ruins of the once-mighty ancient Egyptian empire. Egypt is home to some of the world’s best wonders, and this tour of the Luxor region will explore this side of the country. Trip highlights include a visit to the UNESCO-listed Temple of Karnak, with its tall columns and impressive Stone architecture. A traditional boat ride across the Nile will take you to the City of Death and the massive stone statue known as the Menon Colonnade. The Valley of Kings rounds off this 14-hour day trip.

A full day highlight tour of Caeiro and Giza from Hurghada.
From $ 100 per person.
The Pyramids of Giza are a wonder. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only intact surviving wonder of the ancient world, and if you can ignore the encroachment of Cairo’s suburbs, it’s fascinating Hardly gone. This tour from Hurghada takes time, as the journey is quite long, so it can take up to 20 hours. However, it’s a worthwhile trip, with air-conditioned transfers, a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and a visit to the The Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx have existed on this plateau for about 4,500 years.

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