Cheap Short Or Long Term Parking Spots At Jfk Airport

JFK International Airport, located in Queens, Long Island, 12 miles southeast of Lower Manhattan, is New York’s busiest traffic hub, with annual Serving nearly 60 million commuters. Driving from Manhattan can be a breeze or a never-ending hassle, depending on traffic conditions, with typical drive times in the 1 hour or so. From Manhattan, you can travel via the Midtown Tunnel, Triborough Bridge or Williamsburg, Manhattan or Brooklyn. Bridge arrival airport. Many international airlines require you to arrive three hours before our flight, so be sure to check your airline’s Policy and plan accordingly. It’s also worth noting that JFK’s many terminals are quite spread out, so getting to Terminal 1 requires taking a different route to 4 Terminal 5, Terminal 5 or any of the other terminals.

On-airport parking may be the most convenient option, but with rates starting at $39 per day and no reductions for long-term parking, this is certainly the JFK is the most expensive. Additionally, if you have a larger vehicle, such as an SUV, you’ll likely be subject to additional fees. Thankfully, if you’re driving to JFK but want to avoid the costly airport parking fees, you can find off-site Some discounted parking options. To help you find the cheap parking options that best suit you and your needs, we’ve selected three of the best off-site parking lots for you to Offering easy access to JFK Airport, you can read below.

From $10.99 per day
Aardwolf Parking is our most popular short or long term parking option near JFK Airport. It is located 2 miles from the airport and offers outdoor valet parking in its commercial parking lot, with rates starting at $10.99 per day. Drivers can check in at the office or parking lot, and an attendant will be on hand to load your bags onto the free shuttle (daily every (10-minute shuttle) and then parking for you. On-site services and amenities include free WiFi, ATMs, vending machines selling snacks and beverages, restrooms, and 24-hour access to the hotel. Hourly Security. There is also a generous cancellation policy, so drivers can cancel their reservations before check-in time and still receive a full refund.

OROM John F. Kennedy Airport
From $19.99 per day
OROM is only 0.9 miles from the airport and is located on South Conduit Ave in Jamaica Queens. It is the most conveniently located parking lot on our list. There is a free on-demand pick-up and drop-off service for short round trips from 7:00 am to 10:45 pm daily. The parking lot offers outdoor valet parking, with rates starting at $19.99. There is 24-hour parking attendant and camera surveillance for security purposes, as well as other amenities, including free WiFi! Complimentary coffee/tea, car wash cleaning service and customer restrooms. Parking reservations can be cancelled prior to check-in time for a full refund.

bolt stop
From $24.99 per day
Located 1 mile from JFK Airport in Jamaica, open 24 hours, Bolt Parking offers $19.99 The outdoor valet parking offer from the start makes it the most expensive option on our list. Nonetheless, the impressive amenities combined with consistently excellent customer reviews convinced us to include it. There’s a free round-trip airport shuttle and shuttle tracking, 24-hour lot attendant and camera surveillance, and customer restrooms. Note that SUVs, minivans, trucks, and other oversized vehicles will incur an additional $3 fee in this parking lot! .

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