Great Spots & Restaurants For Vegetarian And Vegan Food In Glasgow

Glasgow’s ever-growing restaurant scene is one of the city’s highlights. With an increasing number of new restaurants and enterprising chefs adapting to the city’s ever-changing culinary attitudes. The city’s culinary calendar is now packed with alternative food experiences: vegetarian festivals, raw food pop-up events and An evening dedicated to vegetarian food and drink pairings. Cafes and restaurants across the city offer a plethora of vegetarian and vegan options to rival the meat classics; and now Many cafes and restaurants cater only to vegetarians.

Glasgow is often known for its not-so-healthy eating options, but the growing number of health-conscious restaurants and the endless stream of Vegetarian and vegan options may come as a surprise to many people. This growing trend doesn’t seem to be abating any time soon; many chefs are showing off their skills to create creative vegetarian and vegan meals in the The city’s restaurants make sure there’s no shortage of options for those looking for a meatless meal in Glasgow.


The creative hub of Glasgow’s contemporary art centre extends to Saramago’s in-house chef, with a choice of upstairs bars and Terrace, or choose the large café in the open area on the ground floor. Freshly baked bread is served each morning, and there is a special brunch menu on Sundays; the pre-theatre menu on weekdays has two or three course specials. Serving the same dishes in both areas of the CCA, the Mediterranean-inspired menu consists of small plates, sandwiches, and entrees. Finally, desserts are served with vegetarian ice cream, plus the bar’s vegetarian Belarusians are a hard-to-miss option. Before or after tasting the delights offered by Saramago, you can enjoy film screenings, exhibitions in the surrounding spaces of the CCA! and lecture.

350 Sauchiehall St.


Across from Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art, Singl -end has adopted the creative spirit of its neighbors. The basement café is filled with eclectic stools and chairs, surrounded by tables with stamps from around the world, a Postcards and trinkets. A large stand at the entrance to this bakery displays freshly baked cakes, many of which are vegan classics, while the These pieces are usually not available to those who cannot eat eggs or milk. The menu covers breakfast and lunch, as well as a variety of delicious meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes: something for all dietary requirements and diners, including Children.

265 Renfrew Street.

red onion

This award-winning restaurant is led by Chef John Quigley. His culinary skills result in five-star dining and flavours to suit all dietary requirements. red Onion is located in the city centre of Charing! Crossroads, with a variety of menus, including a pre-theatre menu for early diners and a tasting menu for everyone: vegetarian, Gluten-free, dairy-free and regular menus are available. Dishes are full of flavour and served on two floors of this cosy and welcoming restaurant. For a taste of Scotland, opt for the vegan haggis or be drawn to flavours that span continents: eastern influences! Permeating the dishes, curry pays homage to India with subtle spices, and the Mediterranean neighbor’s favorite Italian rice is on the menu. The only difficulty when dining at Red Onion is deciding what to order.

257 West Kimball Street.

Document 78

The 78 has long been a popular hangout for vegetarians and vegans because of its food, beer and atmosphere. There are very few venues in the entire city with a 100% vegan menu, and on top of that, it offers a welcoming atmosphere and great value! The food. The menu also features discounted prices and daily specials for students. Crowds gather at this busy West End pub on weekdays and weekends day and night, and there is often live music and events happening. Dogs are also welcome by the friendly staff, so there’s often competition for seats around the bar’s cosy fireplace during the winter months.

10-14 Kavenhoe Street.


The Hug and Pint is located north of Maryhill in the West End and has the character of an old pub, with A backstage spot that hosts regular live music, but offers a modern and diverse vegetarian menu. The kid-friendly restaurant offers Asian options for those who are meatless: jackfruit, kimchi, Exotic flavors of guava, papaya and coconut fill salads, curries, soups, noodles and rice. Typically, diners will find five dishes to choose from and the menu is updated weekly, highlighting the restaurant’s focus on fresh Produce use. This funky bar has a laid-back atmosphere, and the friendly staff offer takeaway service.

171 Great Western Rd.


Hidden in the heart of downtown, just a few blocks from Grand Central Station, Stereo is a bar, cafe, and live music venue! , and a longtime mainstay of Glasgow’s vegetarian scene. Pizza, canapés, soups and sandwiches are also available for takeaway, but the cosy atmosphere and selection of craft beers to accompany them make it hard to leave. All food and drinks are free of animal products, and even the most devout carnivore will be impressed by the menu Stereo offers! Curious. There’s a venue downstairs for live music and DJ nights, so those catching a late dinner should expect a lively atmosphere.

22-28 Renfield Lane, Glasgow G2 6PH.


In the Merchant City area of Glasgow, Picnic is a great place for lunch or a coffee and Where the cake is. All the food is vegan, and their ethical commitment extends to the packaging: using only recycled or fully biodegradable materials whenever possible! . picnic proves misconceptions about vegetarian food wrong by offering hearty lunches of curries, baked potatoes and burgers. Their burritos and salads have a dynamic culinary concept with rich textures and feature gluten-free pasta, quinoa and zucchini noodles. All food is made daily in-store, and there are also juices, smoothies, teas and coffees to go with lunch. Open from 8am, they also offer a breakfast menu and a range of cakes and biscuits; the Empire biscuit is a Scottish classic. Not to be missed.

103 Ingram Street.


For 15 years, Mono has catered to Glasgow’s vegan community and regularly attracts music lovers from the creative crowd to its Live record shop Monorail. spacious cafe and bar with a relaxed atmosphere and high quality vegetarian meals. The flavours created by the kitchen team showcase their passion for vegetarian food and cooking. At Mono, everyone can sample Glasgow’s famous meals, whatever their dietary requirements. Glasgow’s classic Pizza Crunch is where the vegetarian food is made, and there’s also the highly recommended to-fish! and chips.

12 King Street.

flying duck

At the top of the downtown shopping district, venture into the basement of the Flying Duck and explore their completely vegetarian menu. It’s a laid-back venue that brings a fresh take on traditional fast food: hot dogs, burgers, mac and cheese. For those who think vegans can’t enjoy these foods, Flying Duck has created a take on the classic No cruel variations. macarrito (a burrito containing macaroni cheese) is hard to find elsewhere, and A full range of burgers, steaks, pastrami, prawns, pork…. Almost any meat that can be mentioned, Flying Duck has a delicious vegetarian answer.

142 Renfield Street.


It’s not technically the national dish of Scotland, but Scots love Indian food and Usha’s offers a wide selection of dishes to choose from. For parties with different diets, there are meat and fish plates, as well as vegetarian and completely vegan dishes, many of which can also be prepared according to the Ask to be made into vegetarian food. The dishes are tapas-sized, so guests can order a few things and sample a variety of authentic flavors. An express street food menu is offered at lunch, which is great value for money, with a choice of rice bowls or burritos with poppy beans and spices! Onions for less than $5. Usha’s opened at the bottom of Byres Road in 2013 in a restaurant that was being The premises known as the Curse, where no business usually survives for more than a year. the charm and food of Usha’s has finally made the place a home. On a particularly busy weekend, reservations are recommended, and Usha’s continues to be popular and expanding in the city.

2 Byers Rd.

Hanoi Bike Shop

Another shop for mixed diners, Hanoi Bike Shop serves Vietnamese food hidden just off Byres Road of the cobbled streets of Ruthven Lane. Their street food menu is perfect for sharing, and each dish is served as soon as it’s cooked, so there’s never food on the table! The shortage. Sharing makes for a social dining experience, which also gives Hanoi Bike Shop a lively atmosphere and a Charm. If choosing from their vibrant and energetic menu is too difficult, then ask the staff for recommendations. The highlight of the vegetarian menu is their homemade tofu, which makes up a large part of the menu and gives all diners a variety of options.

8 Ruthven Lane.

ROSE & GRANT’S DELI CAFE (Rose & Grant’s Deli Café)

At Rose & Grant’s Deli Cafe, vegetarians and vegans will never feel backed up. In the heart of the mall, this deli cafe welcomes visitors with its friendly atmosphere and options for all diners. Vegetarians and vegans can choose to start their day with a full breakfast, or grab soup after shopping and a Take a sandwich break, or, for those in need of a hearty dinner, opt for a main course inspired by Asian flavors. Dal and Indonesian rice are available. The Scottish square sausages are even made by vegetarians, so all visitors to the city can try this classic! Food!

Trondheimer 27.

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