Great Travel Of Kyoto’s Quirky Bars

The ancient Japanese capital is hidden in old cobblestone pavements and traditional wooden “machiya” buildings, where there is a “closed door” Nightlife.

While drinking for pleasure is far from taboo in Kyoto, the city’s history is built on tales of sneakiness among the narrow streets, from The artistry of the secrecy that drifts behind one masked door to another is what makes this city so exciting. With secrecy and concealment entrenched in its existence, Kyoto’s nightlife presents the same, cloistered atmosphere. These closed doors leave a lot to discover.

No Name Bar.

This bar really doesn’t have a name, and that’s what makes it so much fun. Technically, it doesn’t even exist. Tucked away in a small attic in a narrow residential house in Kyoto, this bar is lit by candlelight and has no electricity. There’s no menu either, but they usually have plenty of drinks on tap so you can choose your poison and soak up the intimate atmosphere! , their unbranded salted popcorn is served with every drink. You won’t get to this bar without the locals, so if you want to find it, make friends and get around! Ask around.

Directions: ask the locals! Hint: It’s in the Gijon district by the river.

Bar L’Escamoteur.

L’Escamoteur Bar brings a taste of Europe while retaining the charm of Kyoto, offering a menu including Their own vintage-inspired cocktails, including the “Charlie Chaplin” cocktail and the “L’ Antidote,” are relaxing! L’Escamoteur is located in the narrow streets of Kawabata, neatly tucked away in a row of of folk houses with the slogan “Elixirs and Mystery” to bring nightlife to Kyoto! A fun and relaxing atmosphere.

138-9 Nishisedori, Saito-cho, Saito-maru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan.


What makes this bar special is not the drinks, the environment, or even the place itself, but the owner. The owner of Kyoto ING Bar is a long-haired Japanese man who lives and breathes his bar, and his passion for running his bar takes everything Brought here.ING’s style is a cozy punk rock cabin, and the music matches it: the owner to his Knows it like the back of his hand. He loves everything from Serge Gainsbourg to The Rolling Stones. Music and will try to accommodate any music requests. He stays up as late as you do, so please be nice to him!

Minami-Kuyama-cho 288-201 Nishi-Kiyama-cho-dori Takayasushiro-Agaru

bee’s knee

Hidden behind a yellow door labeled “Bookstore,” Bee’s Knees is a combination of a city library Bee’s Knees is the underground bar for quirky cocktails and quirky service. Style the place with their cocktails “Not God Father” and “Wa Smash” is the best of both worlds, with both cocktails wearing top hats, and the “Wa Smash” housed in a smoking The wooden box.

364 Kamiyacho Kiyacho Shijo Agaru (Kamiyacho Shijo Agaru).


Rub A Dub is everything you need: a restaurant, a bar and a club. There’s surprisingly no mistaking this Jamaican-style bar, where you’ll be spoilt for choice with dishes like plantain fries and Caribbean chicken. There are island cocktails to chow down on and regular live reggae shows to end the night dancing.

115 Tsuda Building, BF Tsuda, Sanjo Aioi BF, Ishiyacho Dosato, Ishiyacho.

Ringo Bar.

A must-visit for Beatles fans, Ringo Bar is a Beatles-themed underground bar that features the bands’ Small busts and packaged LPs. more than standard fare, Ringo’s Bar is known for its ’60s music, Beatles décor and Popular for their bar food, their best sellers are their pizzas and steaks, paired with a fresh beer.

23 Tanaka Monzencho Sakyo-ku Branch

Wine Museum

From Yamazaki to Jack Daniel’s, the walls of the Wine Museum are filled with a variety of spirits, providing a unique opportunity to analyze the Fine wines and whiskies from Japan and beyond. The liquor museum staff is knowledgeable and has daily happy hours with appropriate food and suggested alcohol pairings that are both A history lesson, but also a drinking party.

2F Bunsaki Building, 79 Mikura-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Tokyo

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