How To Find Weekly Monthly Berlin Apartment Rentals?

Of all the cities in Europe, few have experienced such a turbulent modern history as Berlin. But since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the German capital Berlin has undergone a real renaissance and is now widely regarded as one of the most vibrant, creative and fun places on the continent, whether it’s a weekend break or a longer stay, Berlin is a place to visit.

Berlin is a major gathering place for international students and liberals who are keen to work and play here for long periods and enjoy the city’s creative atmosphere. To meet the demand of these visitors, Berlin offers a large number of residential apartments available for short-term rental. We’ve picked the three best online resources for you to find the right house for you.

dwelling place
After researching all the options, HousingAnywhere became our top choice for medium to long term rentals in Berlin. There are about 1,000 listings for rooms, studios and apartments in Berlin, with prices and locations varying widely. The site allows landlords to advertise rental listings on the platform and prospective tenants to search on the platform before completing a reservation. It gives travellers who plan to stay in the city the opportunity to get a fixed address, which can help with visa and job applications. The site’s most useful features include a well-searched neighborhood guide, alerts for new listings, a customer service support team, and an instant messaging feature between landlords and renters. The cancellation policy allows landlords who are dissatisfied with a listing to alert the platform within 48 hours of the move-in date for a full refund. Service fees are also reasonable, with a one-time charge equivalent to about 25% of the monthly rent.

Exberliner is a Berlin accommodation service run by the English-language magazine of the same name, Exberliner. The service was founded in 2003 to help the magazine’s staff, writers and friends find housing in Berlin, and 17 years later, they are still successfully helping expats and international travellers overcome bureaucratic hurdles in the process of renting a home in the German capital. Here, you can find short and long term rentals as well as shared houses. Despite the challenges of the current housing market, they are committed to sustainable pricing and fair practices, and you can trust that they will do their best to help you find the right fit.

BOOKING.COM is one of the world’s largest and most respected online accommodation platforms, listing most of the world’s accommodation that can be searched online and then easily booked. In addition to traditional hotels, the platform also lists a large number of apartments for short rent for a week or less. We searched several dates for these listings in Berlin and found a large selection of listings in various areas of the city. Reservations for all listings on the platform are also guaranteed at the best prices, and searchers can also browse the detailed review section to see what previous guests have to say about the property.

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