Must-See Stalls At Copenhagen’s Street Markets

Filled with design and culinary creativity, Copenhagen’s street food market has become an important part of the Danish capital city’s food and art scene.

With 37 stalls crammed into the old newsprint warehouse on Papir?en, it’s useful to have a strategy. This plan is essential when you’re lining up in front of the containers that have re-emerged as international food stalls. But get there soon, because the market will be cleared in 2018 to make way for another housing development on one of Copenhagen’s last undeveloped waterfront sites.


In a country where the 28-hour work week starts early in the evening, so don’t be disappointed if a handful of prized bar stools are up for grabs. Even better, you can have a Mojito – a specialty here – and liven it up with raspberries, passionfruit or chilli. Then head outside to the city beach and lounge on a deck chair overlooking the bustling waterways and performing arts theatre. On weekends, there’s a DJ on hand to keep you entertained for even more.


Named after the words on an abandoned house in Christiana, from which the salvaged containers originated, Stormly is the purveyor of a variety of organic beers from the Danish microbrewery. Topped with the hull of a ship, this sailor’s bar also serves rum and is located on The Straw Road, where the nautical-themed shop also offers Cow Cash, the market’s unique thick coins, worth DKK 25 each, and tobacco.

La Fattoria.

Italian Cindy Romor and Dane Johan Braad-Petersen came all the way from Italy to join this worldwide food event in their food truck, which epitomizes the spirit of the street market. Now they serve cuts, paninis, cheeses and sausages in this vibrant part of Copenhagen, which is also home to film screenings, flea markets and live bands. There’s even a jazz festival here.

Oink, Oink.

The cured free-range pork is roasted in a smoker for 16 hours and then served in bread that is turned and grilled in clarified butter, which ensures that there is always a queue at the stand owned by brothers Rolf and Troels Ringborg. Their yellow Habanero mango salsa is a key factor, and Oink Oink’s stall, located on the Cow Trail, gets the silver ? logo for being 60-90% organic. Like many of their competitors, the Ringborg brothers pride themselves on sourcing from small farms that focus on animal welfare.


“Real, honest and beautiful” is the tagline for Copenhagen’s street food market, and this Colombian street food stall, with its delicious fusion cuisine, is right on the money. The red bean stew and the Happy Burger, made with vegetarian meat, are both very popular choices. Like most stalls, the dishes are freshly prepared and usually take about five minutes to prepare. Latienda is currently working on rolling out an entire vegetarian menu. Latienda is just one of a growing number of stalls catering to vegetarian and vegan needs.


The Danes take a full hour for lunch, giving them time to ride their bikes to Papilorn Island or walk across the new Kissing Bridge from Nihaven for a leisurely Sm?rrebr?d-style open sandwich at Handmade. A daily plate of 75 Danish kroner for three different open sandwiches, cold-cut fish and meat on homemade black bread, makes for a cheap lunch for the Danes. Each stall is encouraged to offer a meal for DKK 50, but hungry souls may question whether plantain fries and dip are really a meal at all.


Gangnam Style is Oliver Ko’s stylish homage to Korean food, and as the people in line would say, it’s as cool as it gets. Kimchi, a traditional Korean fermented vegetable, is a popular spicy side dish. Or there’s Damugi, a side dish of fermented radish that’s just part of the Express experience from Seoul. And what about the name, Bulgogi, a Korean favorite blend of sliced beef and pork that is combined with the owner’s last name.


For dessert, make one last dash to the Copenhagen Street Food Market. Here, you can enjoy a slice of America’s favorite seasonal berry cake with a Scandinavian twist. Also, forget the calorie count, you can choose from a chocolate mousse cheesecake with three different chocolates or the ever-popular Oreo dessert. Take your plate outside as you can sit on a six-seater bench, join in the day’s chatter – often in plain English – and watch the sunset over Copenhagen’s waterways.

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