Short Term Furnished Rentals In Nyc 3 Alternatives

Short term rentals are the preferred choice for hotel rooms that can be booked for weeks or months with no long-term rental restrictions. Often conveniently located and offering self-catering facilities and additional living space, short-term rental apartments are ideal for city vacationers and business travellers alike! The popular choices.

There are plenty of apartments for short-term stays in New York, ensuring that you can always find one that fits your budget and needs. With Airbnb dominating the market, it can be tricky to shop elsewhere. However, if you’re looking for short-term apartment rentals in NYC and want to enjoy the simplicity of a hotel booking with the convenience of renting an apartment. We’ve dug deep and picked out three of our favorite online options.

BOOKING.COM is our recommended choice for finding a short stay apartment in New York for just a few days to a few weeks. The Amsterdam-based travel search engine is one of the largest and most reputable aggregator sites for accommodations around the world, although it is Primarily a hotel booking site, it also has a huge condo section. When we searched for short-term lodging options in November, there were about 100 apartments to choose from, starting at about $150 per night. also offers a best price guarantee as well as a dedicated reviews section, although navigating to your chosen apartment’s Comments might be easier.

In business for three decades, Habitat for Humanity New York is our choice for the best short-term rental provider for those looking for monthly rentals in New York. It was launched to bridge the gap in options for travelers looking for a more personalized experience than traditional hotels by providing an online platform that Furnished apartment listings available. There are a few apartments you can rent for a week, but the vast majority of apartments are available for at least a month, and during our search we found that One bedroom apartments are available from approximately $119 per night. Each user is assigned a personal broker who will help you every step of the way in your search to find the right party size, Ideal homes in the price range and right location. Habitat for Humanity New York also claims to constantly update their database with new listings, and to personally visit and photograph the properties they list to ensure they are Suitable for Rent.

Raccoon: Oliver and COMMON.
In recent years, “co-living” (shared housing) has become increasingly popular, and two highly recommended operators in this area in New York are Ollie and Common. ollie offers furnished apartments with hotel service, weekly cleaning,. Enjoy incredible amenity packages and on and off-site activities to help you connect with your neighbors, make new friends and discover new things. They are committed to providing a more personable living experience for their residents, focusing on comfort, convenience and community with significant cost savings! Ollie currently offers 12-month leases on their New York apartments, but they will be opening another location in Newark, offering 3 -11 month lease. At the same time, Common promises to preserve the good parts of roommate life, like community and reasonable prices, while removing the distractions. They offer memberships that invite you to live in the privacy of your own furnished bedroom, in an attractive shared suite, in the open Communal space, including a fully equipped kitchen, is rented for a minimum of three months. An all-inclusive price includes your rent, weekly cleaning, furniture, laundry, utilities, WiFi, household goods (think). toilet paper, trash bags, dishes, and more), repairs and maintenance, and access to free community events in the local community. At the Common, each home is designed by their in-house construction team with roommates in mind. This means no Murphy beds, no bunk beds, and no fake walls.Common’s prices are always higher than traditional studio apartments! 20% lower each month.Common also designed a chat feature for its smartphone app that allows members to connect with fellow suitemates and other Common members contact.

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