Sydney’s 7 Best Speakeasies

Speakeasies are becoming increasingly popular around the world, but unlike other cities, Sydney has long been The location of a prohibition style bar. Secret doorways lead to unusual themed decorations in bars that serve large quantities of spirits in any shape or form.

There’s nothing like walking into a hidden bar and feeling like you’ve gone back in time when alcohol was illegal. Here are some of the best places in Sydney to lose yourself in the atmosphere of the bars created to stay in time.

Palmer & Co.

Walking down Abercrombie Lane just past George Street, you’d be forgiven for walking past the entrance to Palmer & Co. A brick building, a back door fire exit and a small sign with the bar’s name on it make up this underground subterranean pub Main entrance. Upon entering, you feel as if you’ve stepped into the 1920s, with bejeweled waitresses in long dresses and bow ties, bras and gartered waiters. Brick-painted walls divided the room into small, secluded areas with painted signs, unframed pictures, and cages of cured meats As decoration. This is one of Sydney’s more traditional underground bars, where signs are created according to the seasons, but old-time ones are also available upon request Classic Dishes. Traditional food like Mac and Cheese and carcuterie from a hole in the wall.

Abercrombie Lane

Sydney New South Wales 200

eau de toilette

Like all prohibition bars, the entrance to Eau De Vie is secluded and you’ll be at the Kirketon Hotel! Find it in the back. The smell of popcorn hits you as you enter, and in front of you is a small space that is well laid out and makes you feel spacious. Leather booth seats surround the sides, complete with low tables and small stools. Locked cabinets on the wall above the seats held bottled treasures. There is a large table in the center with tall wood and leather riveted stools that match the stools at the bar. The popcorn is made fresh and served in bowls with your drink. Snacks and sharing platters are also available.Eau de Vie means spirits in French, and the spirits here! Exactly what you need for any base wine you can drink here.

229 Darlinghurst Road.

New South Wales, Sydney 2010

Barbour Shop

As the name implies, this bar is connected to a Barbour shop. To enter, you walk through the male grooming lounge to a partition at the back, which leads into the cocktail bar. It’s a small space, with green paint on the walls, white tiles on the bar, dark wood at the top of the bar, and hanging from the ceiling Bear’s bulbs. There are some old-fashioned bar stools, but seating is limited. The back wall of the bar is made up of windows overlooking a small courtyard, which is the back door of the bar, which is located off Clarence Street. Customers can stand in the fresh air and enjoy their drinks. barbour offers a variety of services until 8pm, as standard. Little Creatures Pilsner Beer, all service after 2pm.

89 York Street.

Sydney NSW 2000

Yin Song Tavern

Shady Pines isn’t a traditional underground bar, except for the fact that it’s hard to find the entrance: the black door doesn’t even have an No names. The décor consists of various stuffed animal skulls, country and western music played so loudly that you can’t talk, and bowls on the bar playing The monkey nuts, the swinging saloon doors and the unique feel of a Western saloon. Places where you can loosen up with a cocktail before continuing on with your shotgun shots, throwing away all your inhibitions and getting lost in this western world.Shady Pines is best for the non-Sunday hours, when those shiny-haired baristas. Usually wearing a casual t-shirt and serving you topless.

Shop 4, 256 Crown Street.

Darlinghurst, 2010

Baxter Hotel

Opened by the same owners of Shady Pines in Sydney’s CBD, The Baxter Inn is known for its Old Fashioned on tap is known for – so won’t wait for this classic cocktail. In true Prohibition style, this bar is located in a renovated basement with vaulted brick walls, low ceilings and dark wood furniture. The whiskey on display in the bar goes all the way up to the wood-beamed ceiling, too high to reach: the bartender has a slide that you can climb up to find the Your favorite whiskey. The Baxter Inn is primarily a whiskey bar, but beer, wine, and other cocktails are available along with an endless salty pretzel bowl! Enjoy.

The basement of 152-156 Clarence St.

Sydney 2000

Grandma’s Bar.

Follow the stairs inside the entrance next to the Guitar Lounge, you will see a stuffed deer head on the wall in front of you, continue down the stairs and enter! A narrow corridor with coupled rocking chairs and side tables with knitting needles and rolls of wool. The narrow hallway leads to a large bar at the end of the basement. The menu offers custom cocktails and old classics like the Sex on the Peach. beers. Cider, wine and toasted sandwiches are also available. When you’ve had your favourite drink, you can find a comfortable seat on the sofa or armchair, where the lamps and hanging wall lights create Out of the atmosphere, this place is true granny style.

275 Clarence Street.

Sydney NSW 2000

soda factory

The entrance to the Soda Factory, via a 1950s faux Coke machine, sets the stage for the large dark room you’re about to enter. The central bar is surrounded by scattered white plastic tables and red leather and metal-framed seating, decorated in the style of a 1950s American Restaurant. There’s a stage for live performers, allowing the reveling crowd to sample alcoholic ice cream, signature and classic cocktails, the Wine and Beer. There’s a variety of American dishes, plus a large selection of burgers and hot dogs to choose from. On Tuesday nights, they sell a selection of hot dogs starting at $1.

16 Wentworth Ave.

Surrey Hills NSW 2010

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