The Best 4 Star Hotels In Rome

Some cities tax the superlative; others go even further and actually become superlative themselves. The grandeur of Rome is real; it is present in every little street, every square, every building of this utterly fascinating destination It’s been doing the big city thing for longer than any other place on the monument. What good is it to sum up in one paragraph the history and beauty of anything close to Rome? Perhaps our only option is to list a few of the famous sights in this Italian capital and let your mind wander: the Colosseum! , the Pantheon, pizza, Vespas, the Spanish Steps….

As with any major destination, the hotels here cater for all tastes – and in fact, all tastes! The subcategories. With that in mind, we’ve put together an eclectic selection of four-star institutions, from large to small, modern to traditional, from Franchise to family run so you can have the Roman holiday that’s right for you.

Where to book. The lowest prices should be at or if you’re looking for the most in Rome Discounted hotels, we recommend

From 99 euros per night
Live like European royalty in this beautiful 19th century building with its original parquet floors and charming traditions! Features. It is just a short walk from the famous Colosseum, and perhaps most gloriously, it is connected via a passage in the courtyard to the Roman The Opera House is connected. Add to that free WiFi in every room, and all the other luxuries of modern travel, and you won’t be able to stop raving about it.

From 66 euros per night
An oasis of luxury and tranquility in the bustling heart of Rome, the Hotel Montiale is an unpretentious oasis of unpretentious elegance, just what you need in a timeless… of the city is what you need after a busy day on the streets. The soundproofed rooms are all equipped with satellite TV and free WiFi is available in the shared areas, making it a popular choice for tourists and business travellers alike! Excellent bases.

From EUR 74 per night
Comfort is the key word here. There is almost nothing the hotel doesn’t offer in terms of comfort. All beds have massage features, as well as memory foam mattresses and pillows. All rooms have air conditioning, which is a lifesaver on a hot Roman summer day. And don’t get us started on how beautiful the 18th century building it’s in is, or how beautiful the rooftop bar is.

Hotel Twenty-One.
75 euros per night
If you’re more into the modern style, then this is the hotel for you. Twenty One is a great antidote to when Rome’s amazing history all gets a little too, well, amazing. With cool black and white interiors, the hotel is the other side of La Dolce Vita, as traditional as it gets! Splendid. Of course, modern conveniences such as WiFi, TV and air conditioning come as standard.

58 euros per night
Looking out over Villa Borghese in one of Rome’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, a stay here is to be in touch with the city’s Deeply elegant connection. The onsite fitness center allows you to burn off the calories from eating too much Italian food, while the sauna allows you to afterwards Relax and prepare for dinner: enjoy it in the hotel’s own terrace area. All other luxury standards are naturally available. Wireless internet, TV, luxurious beds and more.

Welcome to the PIRAM Hotel.
From 68 euros per night
With high ceilings and light-filled rooms decorated in the most beautiful old Italian way, this hotel can sometimes feel like living in a In a luxurious country estate, rather than in the heart of the city, right next door to Rome’s Termini train station. But all isn’t tied to the past; there’s an ultra-modern spa on the premises, and the hotel’s cocktail bar, Apotheke Open until 1 a.m. with live music for guests to enjoy.

Alpine Hotel
From 78 euros per night
Admittedly, luxury hotels come in all shapes and sizes, and we admit that sometimes it can feel like they’re trying too hard to sell a particular ambiance, when what they should really be focusing on is the comfort of their guests. Such an accusation cannot possibly fall on Alpi, which seems to have gone out of its way to create an environment where comfort is paramount. Here, everything works, the hustle and bustle of the city is blocked from your ears, and you get the most peaceful interior in all of Rome! A real break.WiFi, en-suite and TV are all standard, and there’s a rooftop terrace bar for drinks on. View of the entire city.

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