The Best Bhutan Tours From Paro

Bhutan is a beautiful Himalayan country where happiness is measured by the national yardstick, where seemingly desolate mountain views Yet there are precarious Buddhist monasteries, and the culture is vibrant and colorful at every turn. Rich in natural beauty, it has some of the cleanest air and rivers in the world. Although Paro is only considered a town, it is the main tourist entry point to Bhutan as it is the country’s only international airport! location. As a result, many of the best Bhutan tours begin and end in Paro.

A full Bhutan tour will usually take at least a week, although there are also some excellent short options covering the country’s main tourist attractions. However, due to Bhutan’s average altitude, it may take a few days to acclimatize. Even a simple trek can be a dull experience. Therefore, if you are coming from a lower altitude, it is best to wait a few days before starting your tour. Since the Himalayas are remote and unexplored, the best experience may be to do some form of tourism at some point during the tour Hiking. For the serious hiker, there are even tours that include a healthy range of longer hikes so that you can fully experience that Best of the Region. Here are three of the best Bhutan tours from Paro, taking into account many factors such as itinerary, value for money and reviews from previous guests.

Glimpses of Bhutan
From: US$975 per person
Although only four days from Paro, Bhutan’s small size makes it possible to visit the country’s most Exquisite sights. For example, the Tiger Cave Monastery, which is clinging to a cliff, is perhaps the most awe-inspiring attraction in Bhutan. In addition, we will spend time exploring the capital, Thimphu, including a number of museums and the Sintokha Dzong, a monastery that is only found in Tibet and Bhutan A medieval fortress only found in the region. The cost of this tour includes a medium quality hotel suite, all meals and Bhutanese visa fees, in addition to all guide and transportation costs.

Discover Happiness in Budapest
From US$2,637 per person.
To get an insight into what Bhutan really has to offer, spend more time exploring the country’s towns and cities, in addition to the main traditional tourist attractions! and villages. While this ten-day itinerary includes classic sights like the Taksang Monastery, there’s much more to see in this country. Trek through the countryside to the gorgeous Buddhist monasteries around Bumthang, enter glacial valleys to reach remote villages like Kuwa, drive over the Himalayan pass to various Buddhist institutions where the air is thin, but the faith and happiness is strong. All meals and snacks are provided as well as museum admission and hotel accommodation.

Adventures in Budapest
From US$3,099 per person.
Although some of Bhutan’s tourist offerings are entirely dependent on road access and transportation, it’s still a country that understands and respects ancient way of the country. Therefore, this 10-day round trip from Paro is quite special, as it involves getting off the beaten path and into Paro The surrounding wilderness. Hike past rows of prayer wheels and a cluster of colorful prayer flags to the prayer wheel located at 12,650 feet of Bumdrak Camp, and the next day, after camping under clear skies, trek back to Paro via the extraordinary Tiger’s Den Monastery for this A perfect end to a perfect trip. As with other tours, everything is included in the price here.

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