The Best Bogota Airport Car Rental Companies

Travelers arriving at Bogotá’s El Dorado International Airport will see a number of kiosks and teller windows operated by rental car companies. In all, there are about seven options, ranging from large international chains to smaller, regional companies. To help reduce your time spent choosing, TravelMag has done the heavy lifting to give you the top three choices for cheap car rentals in the form of comparing all the options. We’ve even broken things down into categories: the most affordable, the most luxurious option, and the best for the family.


Since most international and domestic flights (Terminal 2 is an extension of Avianca Airlines and only serves certain parts of the country) arrive and depart from Terminal 1, passengers will have to go to Entrance 3 at the north end of the terminal to find a rental company. They are located on the first floor, mostly adjacent to the actual entrance. We looked at a number of criteria when evaluating rental companies, including price range, customer service, options, customer reviews, fleet availability, and company policies to determine which company was best in a particular category. Here’s what they had to offer.

Most Affordable: budget.
Budget easily took the award for most affordable of the major rental companies at El Dorado Airport. You can find an economy-sized rental for less than $20 per day (before taxes and fees), which is a steal. This compares to Avis, whose economy cars start at around $30 per day. Once you get into standard and full-size cars, the prices become more comparable. But for those who don’t mind smaller cars, it’s hard to beat that price. However, let it be known that this particular branch of the budget has amassed more negative user reviews than the other two options on this list.

Best for Luxury Cars. Localization
It’s a shallow pool as far as the luxury cars offered at El Dorado International Airport go. That said, Localiza, the South American chain, has some nice high-end options for those interested in traversing Colombian terrain, including the Chevrolet Cruze LT 1.4 turbocharged engine and the Ford Ranger diesel four-wheel drive. High-end cars start at around $45 per day, while better SUVs and trucks top out at around $100. It’s also worth mentioning that the Localiza has received generally positive reviews from customers. Also, be aware of the occasional special offer. On some weekends, Localiza offers a special where customers who book three days get a fourth day free.

Best for families.AVIS
Avis has this category nailed because some of its compact vehicles (enough for 5 people) are cheaper than the Budget. You can rent one of these compacts for around $35. Also, while Budget has limited or even non-existent SUVs in their fleet, Avis is aggressively flooded with them. Standard SUVs start as low as about $45 for a Renault Sandero, while large elite SUVs like the Mazda CX5 go as high as $80 per day. Some SUVs are large enough to seat seven people and have infant and child seats available for rent. An added benefit is that Avis enjoys mostly positive customer reviews.

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