The Best Car Rental Rv Rental Companies In Santa Fe

As the capital of New Mexico, nestled in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the former Spanish Colonial Santa Fe is known for its striking Pueblo-style architecture and vibrant art scene. Passing through the city’s charming historic district, dotted with winding streets, you’ll soon spot famous historical landmarks such as the Governor’s Mansion, and the Picturesque squares provide ample opportunity to observe the world as it unfolds.

Santa Fe itself is very walkable, but if you plan to leave the city during your stay, you’ll definitely benefit from your own! Transportation. In terms of car rentals, Santa Fe has a number of car rental companies, each offering a range of vehicles, so make sure there will be something to fit your budget and Preferred Vehicles. To help you find the right car for you, we’ve delved into the details and based on rental prices, customer feedback, hours of operation and the Other factors were used to select the best agency. We also researched options for renting an RV, which comes with its own sleeping quarters, and picked out what we believe are the best RV rental companies in Santa Fe.

Downtown Santa Fe: HERTZ, Inc.
For car rentals in the city, we recommend Hertz. their office on Cerrillios Road is open Monday through Friday. Friday 7.30am – 4pm, Saturday 9am – 12pm, closed Sunday. When we searched for car rentals here, we found an impressive fleet that features a variety of sizes, styles and Price of the car. The most notable deal we’ve seen is the Mazda 3, which would make an ideal cheap car rental for about $350 a week. The Chevrolet Malibu is about $366 per week and the Chevrolet Equinox is about $420 per week. Large SUVs, pickups and cargo vans are also available in downtown Santa Fe through Hertz. All of these rates include a liability insurance supplement, loss damage waiver and vehicle license fee recovery.

Santa Fe Airport: AVIS
If you’re planning to pick up a car from Santa Fe, there are nine rental car counters located in or near the airport. Our favorite is Avis, whose counter is located inside the terminal near the baggage claim area, and whose cars are parked outside, away from the It’s close here. The budget caters particularly well to those looking for something spacious, as well as luxury rental cars in general, and one of the best deals we found was a Ford! Carnival, will cost $421 for a week’s rental. Or for something bigger, you can opt for the Buick Verano for just a few dollars more. If you’re traveling in a large group, there’s also a Chrysler Town & Country people carrier for $962 a week.Avis at Sante Fe Airport is open Monday-Sunday 12pm-8pm, up to 48 hours before pickup. Free cancellations, policy modifications, theft protection and collision damage waivers are all included. You can add a range of indemnities to your policy, including loss forgiveness and theft protection.

RV Rental. Excursions.
A popular mode of transportation for couples and families embarking on travel adventures, RVs are equipped with beds and often a kitchenette, allowing you to You can sleep and cook in the car. When we searched for RV rentals in Santa Fe, we identified Outdoorsy – a peer-to-peer marketplace that will RV Vehicle owners connect with other campers – as the best option. Using this site is often less expensive than traditional rental agencies and the booking process is simple. When we searched for RVs in Santa Fe, we found four collectible RVs available throughout the city, including $903 per week for the The 21-foot Dolphin, which sleeps 2, can be used in the South of the City parameter near the University of Art and Design, as well as a The 27-foot Coachmen Apex, priced at $1,225, sleeps four, in west Santa Fe Agua Fria Village offers. You can also add a range of insurance options to your policy to help give you peace of mind during your trip.

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