The Best Car Rental Rv Rental Companies In Yuma

Overlooking the Colorado River in southwestern Arizona, Yuma still retains many remnants of the Wild West era, including preserved jail cells and guard towers. But it’s also a city firmly focused on the present and the future, with a vibrant downtown district dotted with shops and boutiques. This blend of tradition and culture with modern attractions, not to mention the great year-round weather, makes Yuma a popular stopover for visitors to the American Southwest.

If you’re coming to Yuma and want to take advantage of the benefits of your own transportation, there are several agencies scattered throughout the city, from the cheap and cheerful to the most extravagant car rental companies. To help you find a vehicle that fits your budget and needs, we’ve dug deep and narrowed down three of the best agencies located in the city based on important comparison points such as price, customer feedback, and hours of operation. What’s more, for those looking for a recreational vehicle that can double as lodging, we’ve also picked out our favorite RV rental agencies.

YUMA Centre: Enterprises
For downtown rentals, our top choice is Enterprise.When we searched for a week’s rental, we found all types and budgets catered to, from short and inexpensive models like the Kia Rio to larger, more expensive models like the Nissan Maxima.For the former, you can expect rates of about $181 per week and the latter about $225 or more. Or, if you really want to push the envelope, how about their luxury elite cars like the Maserati Ghibli or the Ford Mustang convertible? Damage waivers, curbside protection and personal accident are among the insurance options available for all downtown Yuma business transactions.

Yuma Airport: AVIS
If you’re flying into Yuma and want to rent a car at the airport, there are four rental car desks in or near the terminal, and our favorite is Avis. located at 3040 South Pacific Avenue, Avis takes a quick shuttle from the terminal that’s open morning to night, and Avis offers several reliable cars at prices that won’t break the bank. When we did some online searching, we found a deal on a Ford Focus, which was a week’s rental for $212. For a larger car, you can opt for a Chevrolet Cruze for about $30 more. On the insurance side, free cancellation up to 48 hours before pickup, policy modifications, anti-theft protection, and collision damage waiver are all included in the cost.

RV Rental. Excursions
If you’re traveling to Yuma and prefer to spend the night in your own transportation, RVs offer a fun way to share your travel adventures with friends, partners, or family. For such groups, Outdoorsy is a well-respected peer-to-peer marketplace, and they offer a wide variety of RVs to suit all group sizes and budgets, while often being more cost-effective than booking through a more traditional agency. When we searched for RVs in Yuma, we found a plethora of options dotted around the city. Among the standout deals were a 30-foot Yuma Oasis for $630 that sleeps two and is near the Yuma airport; a Keystone Sprinter for $1,113 that sleeps four and can be picked up downtown; and a Weekend Warrior Full Throttle 17-foot garage for US$1,449, sleeps 10, and can be picked up in the southern suburbs of Yuma. The booking process itself is simple and intuitive, and you can attach various indemnities to it to give you peace of mind during your trip.

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