The Best Car Rentals Companies In Knoxville

Knoxville is located on the banks of the Tennessee River in East Tennessee, with a historic 19th century market square in the downtown area. The square is lined with shops and restaurants. Serving the city with a large number of visitors each year, the Knoxville Airport connects many of the United States’ Destinations.

There are several car rental companies located throughout Knoxville, most of which can be found downtown or at the airport! Find. If you are planning a trip to Knoxville and would like to rent a car for the duration of your stay, we have done some research and have selected three The best car rental companies in the category. Best value at the airport, best value in the city, and best limo.

Best Value at the Airport: ALAMO & NATION
If you’re traveling to Knoxville and flying over, there are many options for finding cheap car rentals at the local airport, near the Lots of car rental desks. For the best value, we picked Alamo and National, both of which offer many at affordable prices! Mid-range car.The Alamo’s most attractive deal is the Mitsubishi Mirage, which costs $231 for a week’s lease and is free with the policy Cancellation and theft protection. Meanwhile, National offers a 5-passenger Hyundai Elantra – popular with those who want extra trunk space! of people are welcome at a price of $266/week. Both companies have also received excellent customer feedback, with ratings of 8.5 or higher.

Best Value in the City: AVIS
Affordable car rentals are also fairly easy to find in Knoxville itself, thanks to several rental companies around the central area. For this category, we chose Avis as the one that offers the best value.Avis offers several Ford models, including The Fiesta and the larger Focus, neither of which are likely to get your heart racing, are still very reliable vehicles. When we searched online, both of these cars were renting for under $250 a week.

Best for Luxury Cars. Economical and Enterprise
If you want to take a ride around Knoxville in a car that’s more eye-catching than the models mentioned above, you have every chance of doing so. And the upscale car companies we’d recommend are Budget and Enterprise, both of which offer several more High-end models. If you’re a fan of big and sporty Fords, their SUV Escape can be had at a very reasonable Get it for $290/week, or if the Lincoln MKZ is a little more stylish, $530/week can be yours! How about the car? Meanwhile, Enterprise also has a popular SUV, the Hyundai Sante Fe, for $303 a week, as well as the An American classic Cadillac XTS, $332 per week.

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