The Best Car Rentals Companies In Rochester NY

Rochester enjoys an idyllic setting on Lake Ontario and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New York State. Steeped in history and charm, with an impressive array of museums and historical landmarks, Rochester Airport is located at Rochester Monroe County, three miles southwest, brings visitors from cities across the United States.

For those wishing to rent a car while in Rochester, there are many options available, and car rental companies can be found at both the airport and downtown. If you’re considering coming to Rochester in the near future and would like to make arrangements for your car rental before your trip, we’ve looked into the All the companies here and pick the best in three different categories. Best Value for Airports, Best Value for Cities, and Best Value for Luxury Cars.

Airport Best Value: corporate and national car companies
For travelers who fly into Rochester and are keen to find a cheap rental car at the airport, we choose Enterprise! and National, both of which offer several affordable mid-range cars.Enterprise’s most enticing offer It’s the Mitsubishi Mirage, which rents for $488 a week and includes free cancellation and theft protection. Meanwhile, Enterprise is offering a five-passenger Nissan Versa – perfect for families and For those who want extra luggage space, it’s $495 per week. Customer feedback from both companies has also been impressive, with ratings of 8 or higher.

Best Value in the City: AVIS
Affordable car rentals in downtown Rochester itself are fairly easy to find, thanks to the fact that there are several rental companies around the city. For this category, we’ve chosen Avis as the one that offers the best value.Avis offers the Ford Fiesta, the This may not excite speed junkies, but is a completely reliable model for the price of a week during our online search! for $282.

Best for Luxury Cars.AVIS & BUDGET
If you’re happy to spend a little extra to make your stay in Rochester something a little more luxurious, here’s a selection of luxury car rentals as well Very nice. Our luxury car choices were Avis and Budget, both of which offer several high-end models. In Avis’s high-end portfolio in Rochester, there are several upscale Fords, including an SUV, and the Lincoln MXK Budget, meanwhile, has more Fords to choose from, as well as others including the Chevrolet Tahoe. Ideal Model.

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