The Best Cheap Hostels In Brooklyn Nyc

Manhattan may be the style of New York, but Brooklyn is the substance of New York. The city’s vital organs are here, working across the Hudson River, shaping the city’s image. Whether it’s the hip, upgraded neighborhoods of Williamsburg or the open spaces of Prospect Park, whether it’s Broadway in the shadow of the iconic subway or the brownstones of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn is as much a part of the world’s cinema-driven New York consciousness as anywhere else.

Brooklyn has always been reasonably priced, which makes the borough a great place to stay with reasonable hotel accommodations. Most of the hotels in Brooklyn are located near subway stations and have good, regular links throughout the city. There is however one disappointingly low option still throughout New York. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the five best hostels in Brooklyn based on location, connectivity and amenities, as well as comfort and cost, including some cheap hotels.

Dormitory from $33 per night
A neat and clean, if slightly dated, inn that often offers the most competitive bed rates in Brooklyn. There’s a good-sized common area with a pool table. The good news for anyone who doesn’t like bunk beds is that most dorms have some single beds rather than bunk beds, and the rooms are spacious. There is Wifi throughout the dorm, a vending machine in the reception area and the desk is manned 24 hours a day.

International student residence
Dormitories from $50 per night
Despite the somewhat misleading name, this is a great little hostel and it is indeed open to travellers. If the pool table is a measure of a hostel’s quality, the International Student Residence attempts to take it a step further by adding a Foosball table to the pool and ping pong tables in the spacious common areas. The hostel is located on the edge of trendy Williamsburg, just a minute from the Marcy Avenue subway station, making travel to Manhattan or the rest of Brooklyn a breeze.

PODS from $90/night
The Pod is so new that its photos consist mostly of artist’s renderings of the look of the place. That’s because it’s only just officially opened. So, if you’re a fan of that new house smell, it’s a great choice in the heart of one of the best places in Brooklyn, Williamsburg. The beds are what’s known as bunk or queen cabins, a slight improvement over Japanese capsule hotels in terms of space. The compact cabins have flat-screen TVs, small desk space, air conditioning and personal bathrooms.

Private rooms from $80/night.
What’s the sign of a good cheap room? Location and perhaps price is the key factor that most people go for. At the Hostel Greenpoint YMCA, the benefit is the extras that come with each room, including a pool and fitness center. There are actually no dorms at this particular YMCA, but the private rooms are a great value for the money and breakfast is included in the price. Bathrooms are shared and each room is simply furnished with nothing extra.

Judicial proceedings
Private apartments start at $67 per night.
Justice Suites can be found near Clinton Hill. Although not well connected to the subway, the price of a private apartment actually competes with the price of some dorm beds in New York. The apartments offer guests a lot of things, including sofas, tea and coffee makers, fully equipped kitchens, and wifi, all in an air-conditioned environment. The larger suites are less expensive but offer a lot of space. There is also a smaller one bed apartment and a family suite to choose from.

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