The Best Colosseum Skip The Line Tours & Tickets

Think of the spectacle that once existed within the walls of Rome’s mighty Colosseum. Today, the only sight is tourists and tour groups wandering around the outer walls, trying to imagine cheering as gladiators and chariots duel in the arena. The scene. Dating back to around 70 AD, it is very well preserved and is one of the must-see sites in Rome, which is where most of the The visitor’s voice.

The building itself is stunning, an oval structure made of sturdy stone and iron clips connected together. There are different parts to the building and one of the best ways to delve into the importance of each area is with a knowledgeable guide! Visit. There are many options, some of which also include other important Roman ruins, such as the Forum, that can be found nearby. Here are five of the best Colosseum tours, including jumper tickets.

Jumper Ticket Colosseum Guided Tours
From EUR 52 per person
As one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, the Colosseum is understandably quite heavily protected, which often means restricting access to visitors’ . This excellent jumper tour will not only get you into this iconic building faster, but it will also get you into the arena floor for a bit! What it’s like to be a gladiator. Enter through the Gladiator’s Gate, take a short guided tour of the arena, and then see the reconstructed animal lift that will Lions and other lions hang from the arena. Guided tours are available in English, German or French.

From 32 euros per person
This two-part tour begins at the Colosseum, where an expert guide to the building will help guide you in priority while describing Roman history! that led to both this building and the various spectacles it hosts. Depending on who you ask, the Colosseum can hold anywhere from 50-65,000 people. After your visit to the Colosseum, you will meet up with a second guide who will show you another side of ancient Rome, the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill! The political landscape presented by the site. You are advised to wear comfortable shoes.

Priority tickets to COLOSSEUM and ROMAN FORUM
From: EUR 20 per person
If time doesn’t permit and you’d rather experience the Colosseum without a guide, then this priority ticket to skip the queue will at least! Guaranteed to waste no time waiting in line to get into the Colosseum. Take a look at the Colosseum today and imagine what it once looked like, the birth of a Roman Republic with a thirst for violent sports. And one of the finest buildings in the world was built to house these movements. This ticket gives you access to the four-story amphitheater and to the Roman Forum.

The Colosseum, the Roman Forum and a trip to the Palatine Hills
From 30 euros per person
Ancient Rome was a vast, sprawling city and many of the ruins are still visible now thousands of years old. The highlight may be the Colosseum, but this tour also allows visitors to explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to get a fuller picture of Rome! Life under domination. Jumping over the line into the Colosseum while hearing about Roman betrayal, intrigue and political assassination. Okay, so not much has changed in that regard, but this is where the skills of today’s leaders were honed. Other highlights include views of the Arch of Constantine and the Piazza Maximus.

Belvedere, the Underground Museum of Ancient Rome and a tour of the ancient city.
From 129 euros per person.
If you want to get a fuller picture of ancient Rome on a four-hour tour, this option allows you to experience all the highlights, including the Upper A trip to the fifth floor of the Colosseum, which is usually inaccessible to most visitors, and the opportunity to go deeper underground and visit the cells where the gladiators and animals are held , before releasing it into the arena to the delight of the spectators. Visit the temples and courts organized and ruled by Rome’s mighty empire before ending at the top of Palatine Hill.

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