The Best Cooking Classes in Paris

Sometimes there is a little bit of truth to stereotypes. One example of this is that the French cook excellent food. If you happen to be visiting Paris, not only can you taste it for yourself, but now you can learn how to make it.

Here, Traveling Beauty notes that there are many cooking classes in Paris. After a heavy sifting through the reams of information on the web, we’ve narrowed things down to the best five tours based on reviews, price and quality of experience. Bon Appetit.

Experience the Parisian Petit Loaf and Croissant Workshop
From: 113 euros per person
It seems logical that starting to learn some French cooking should start at the beginning of the day. Nothing says France more than a fresh baguette and a hot croissant. The two-hour workshop takes place in a fully functional Parisian bakery. Experts teach in French, but good translation is provided. Not only will you be able to make fresh baked goods, you’ll also be able to taste them. Groups are limited to 8 people.

Home cooking class at L’ATELIER DES CHEFS.
From 28.50 euros per person.
If you are travelling with children aged 6 to 12, this class is a great introduction to French cooking. The course takes place at the prestigious L’atelier des Chefs cooking school, where the chef instructors will impart their wisdom and teach you some basic French cooking methods. At the end, you will create main dishes, desserts and milkshakes. You never know, the kids might just love it and you might never have to cook for your family again.

French Cooking Class
From 120 euros per person
Popular with past clients, this half-day cooking class starts at a local butcher shop or farmer’s market and ends with a three-course Parisian food extravaganza. From start to finish, you’ll be guided through cooking techniques by a French food expert, likely to amaze those back home. Groups never exceed eight people to ensure personalized assistance, and the resulting cuisine seems to be popular.

Paris 4-Course Dinner Cooking Class
From 140 euros per person
Taking things to another culinary level altogether is this 4.5-6 hour class with the option to start with a trip to the market in the Latin Quarter. Then, experience traditional French cuisine through a four-course meal. You can plan your own menu and cooking class with a professional instructor, while trying French cheeses and wines. But the best part is when you sit down to eat the results of your newly acquired kitchen skills. Group size is limited to 11 people.

Learn how to make macarons.
From 113 euros per person.
No gastronomic tour of Paris would be complete without the exquisite Petit Macarons, which are becoming as popular abroad as at home. The three-hour class takes place in a private Parisian apartment and is expertly guided by a local French chef. For those in the know, the recipe used comes from esteemed pastry chef Pierre Hermé, and you leave with a box of macarons you can’t finish in a day and a new skill that will last a lifetime.

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