The Best Coworking Spaces In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is known for its excellent art museums and is a vibrant creative hub for entrepreneurship and innovation in the workplace. In recent decades, the city has produced a growing number of young, forward-thinking influencers who are at the forefront of art, design and culture.

In this spirit, Amsterdam is now also a major player in the co-working space sector, with a large number of public offices sprouting up all over the city. Many of them offer hot desk and day passes, ideal for casual visitors who don’t want to pay for a full membership package. To help you find the right space for your needs, we’ve picked the 12 best Amsterdam coworking spaces.
Mindspace Dam
Located next to the famous Dam Square in a magnificent conservation building, Mindspace is a gathering place for startups, businesses, freelancers and businesses of all sizes to work in an environment that fosters creativity, community and the sharing of ideas, providing a diverse workplace for teams of all sizes. To accommodate teams of all sizes, Mindspace is open 24/7 and offers a flexible monthly membership plan with the option to set up in a private office or shared creative workspace. Services and amenities include bike parking, a soda and coffee bar, showers, a range of activities: lectures, seminars, gatherings and weekly happy yoga classes. In addition, a dedicated community manager is always available to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have. Eclectic art and elements are scattered throughout, adding to the creative atmosphere, while the space is designed to evoke a sense of openness through transparent glass doors and walls. Each Mindspace member can work at any of the Mindspace locations in Europe, Israel and the United States.

Workspace 6
Located at the end of Tussen de Bogen’s independent studios, workshops, offices and creative spaces, on the tracks of Centraal station, just north of Amsterdam’s picturesque Jordaan neighborhood, Workspace 6 prides itself on creating an environment that encourages innovation, diverse ideas and collaboration. Entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, businesses and artists will be based here and the facilities include unlimited coffee and tea, a kitchen with microwave, printing, various meeting rooms and 24-hour service. Membership fees start at €300 per month, with access to a dedicated desk, or can be booked on a temporary basis through the Croissant Co-Op APP. Vintage artwork, bike collectibles and a band room with guitar amps, keyboards and drums add to the funky flavor of the place.

Markor Space
Merkspace is located in the heart of Amsterdam, in a beautiful historic building on the scenic shores of the Herren Gracht Canal. While the exterior is very eye-catching, the interior is just as impressive, with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a quiet private garden providing the perfect aesthetic and working atmosphere. There is 24/7 service and facilities including superfast Wi-Fi, meeting rooms with screens and video conferencing systems, mail reception, printers and scanners, projectors and screens, a fully equipped kitchen and a rooftop canteen. For employees who want to use the hotel on an irregular or short-term basis, there are hourly and day passes (from €19), as well as weekly passes (from €99) and monthly passes (from €150). In addition, members have access to a variety of activities.

BounceSpace is one of the most unique co-working spaces in Amsterdam. With a shop, hairdresser and espresso bar on the first floor, there’s a bright, fully refurbished members-only workspace where freelancers, startups and businesses work in a warm and productive atmosphere. There are flexible work areas and individual desks to choose from, with membership fees for the former starting at €129 per month.

set sail
Enjoying the advantages of being downtown, right by the Herengracht and Keizersgracht canals and close to everything Amsterdam has to offer, StartDock offers flexible contracts and day passes, so whether you need to use the space for a day, a week, or a few days a week or a month, they can accommodate your needs. The venue is open 24 hours a day, with flexible desks on the premises that can be shared with others, and free coffee, tea and high-speed internet. The price of a daily pass is €20, a weekly pass €70 and a monthly pass €219. In keeping with StartDock’s philosophy of inclusivity, all employees are encouraged here to gather for lunch for one hour each day. There are also quarterly themed parties and a relaxed drinking session on Friday afternoon at the end of each work week.

TSH CollabHome Amsterdam West
TSH Collab Amsterdam describes itself as a complete blend of co-living and co-working, with TSH Collab located in the heart of the city, combining a hotel with a fully equipped and always busy workspace. Popular with students, travellers, itinerant entrepreneurs and professionals, the dual-use venue starts at €99 per month (or $20 for a day pass) and offers flexible desks for hot desking, access to the hotel’s gym and lobby area, complimentary tea and coffee, and a busy programme of events at the venue. The notice period for membership is one month.

B. Amsterdam
B. Amsterdam is the largest startup ecosystem in Europe. Within its vast space is a creative workspace where startups, self-employed creatives and businesses can work, learn and grow. This space can accommodate those who only need space for a day or week of work, or those looking for more regular or permanent work. The membership fee is €80 for 5 days of use per month and members receive discounts on food and drink and parking. You will also have access to facilities including an event space, a meeting room, two lounges, a gym, a cinema, daily fresh lunches and a rooftop restaurant overlooking Amsterdam.

Boven de Balie
Boven de Balie is a comfortable office for entrepreneurs, located in Leidseplein, above the famous Cafe De Balie. There are startups and creative freelancers here, and you can rent a single desk for yourself or a workspace for your company that allows you to use a large desk with adjustable height and an ergonomic chair. There are also lockers where you can store your laptop or wallet while you’re away, a laser printer and copier, and free coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit and snacks. There are regular social events and employees are invited to a communal lunch every day.

Plant 22
This creative co-working space in Amsterdam’s West End features eight workstations, a fully equipped kitchen and a conference room. The space offers memberships starting at €300 per month and requires one month’s notice to terminate the contract. In addition to desk access, membership offers a range of benefits, including meeting rooms, coffee and tea making facilities, shelf space, cleaning services, 24/7 self-service, high-speed internet and printing facilities.

Located in a large 5,000 sqm building, A Lab’s co-working space is a diverse mix of creatives, technologists, social entrepreneurs and catapult labs. There is space for nearly 300 people in more than 40 lab spaces, with flexible desks, fixed desks and team spaces, and day passes. Amenities here include 24/7 service, access to a communal kitchen and supplies, printing service, high-speed WIFI, and low-cost rentals of meeting or workroom/event space.

The Thinking Hut.
One of Amsterdam’s oldest independent co-working spaces, The Thinking Hut has two sites – one near Oosterpark and the other next to the Olympic Stadium. The main space of the Thinking Lodge is designed as a collaborative and open working environment, offering membership to suit all needs, as well as meeting facilities, workshops and a regular programme of events. Day passes start at €20 and monthly passes start at €75 for one day per week. Membership expires at the end of this term, and in the case of long-term contracts, there is usually a calendar month cancellation policy.


Hacker and founder.
Known as the largest community of tech entrepreneurs and developers in the Netherlands, this unique non-profit space in the heart of Amsterdam houses a large number of young and ambitious tech startups. For individual employees, a $250 per month desk option – requiring two months’ notice and a month’s deposit – provides access to a desk, a chair, lockable cabinets, coffee, conference room and kitchen. Other amenities at the hotel include superfast internet and a south-facing garden that is often used for meetings, lunches and barbecues.


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