The Best Day Tours From Dublin

One of the great things about Ireland is that there are so many great things to see and do in this country, and it’s easy to visit. Most of the country can be visited on a day trip from Dublin. Even neighboring Northern Ireland is accessible. Ireland’s natural and man-made wonders coexist in harmony. The man-made monuments range from the ultra-modern to those thousands of years old.

There are a surprising number of day trips from Dublin to various parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Figuring out which ones to trust and which ones to avoid can be a tedious task, so we’ve done the hard work for you! Work to present the top five based on itineraries, prices and reviews from previous guests.

From: €50 per person
On County Clare’s most awe-inspiring natural landmarks, the dramatic steep cliff faces rush Falling into the Atlantic. Depart Dublin early in the morning and arrive at the cliffs by air-conditioned bus. The drive alone will take you through picturesque countryside, but it rarely prepares one for the beauty of the cliffs. The guide will also stop at the quaint village of Doolin before heading back to Dublin and then on to the lunar-like landscape of Burren National Park.

Celtic Heritage Day Trip
From €40 per person
Throughout Ireland, the Celtic tradition is evident. While it is highly resilient in modern Irish culture, it is its origins that this tour explores. There’s a chance to witness 6,000-year-old rock paintings at Loughgrew Cairns, which are ancient rulers’ The Walking Tomb. Expert guides will be on hand to add context to what you witness on the trip. Other sites to visit include the 12th-century Trim Castle, the Celtic Muir Dagau Cross (Muiredach) and a stroll through the ancient town of Drogheda.

Day trip to the North Coast and Malahide Castle
From €22.5 per person
North of Dublin is Malahide Castle and Gardens, a 12th-century castle with a storied past. The price of this tour includes admission to the castle and a half day to explore its medieval halls and lovely gardens. The tour will also visit some pretty coastal villages such as Howth, all by double-decker bus. The great thing about this tour is that the distances are shorter, which means more time is spent in the location rather than on the way.

From €33 per person.
The verdant rolling hills and valleys of southern Dublin make up the Wicklow Mountains National Park. This full-day tour will take you through these mountains and through the scenic Glendalough Valley to the Wicklow Mountains. valley) stop and your guide will show you the best viewpoints. Before heading to the medieval town of Kilkenny with its famous castle and cathedral, we’ll stop at Ireland’s oldest 6th century abbey! Stop at the site and move on.

Giant’s Arc de Triomphe Full Day Tour
From €60 per person
Northern Ireland is just a day’s drive from Dublin, and a trip to the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Well worth the three-hour coach tour. A guided tour will not only allow you to see the famous hexagonal natural wonders, but also to visit the nearby Dunluce Castle ( Dunluce Castle) to learn about local history and folklore. The final leg of the tour includes a brief introduction to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, before returning to Dublin.

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