The Best Festivals In Indianapolis & Indiana

Spanning the Midwest and Great Lakes, Indiana boasts an eclectic mix of landscapes and cultures. From man-made Tibetan temples and imposing architecture to natural sand dunes, bizarre labyrinths and deep caves, this is a truly A place of wonder and mystery that attracts a large number of visitors every year.

The state of Indiana and the state capital, Indianapolis, host numerous annual festivals and fairs, many of which celebrate the region’s Rich in culture and history. If you’re planning a trip to Indiana during 2020, we’ve dug deep and picked out the best of the year here! Festivals and Fairs.

Festival of Trees

Nothing symbolizes the holiday season better than a Christmas tree, and each year the Indiana History Center hosts nearly 100 carefully designed and Decorated Christmas Tree Exhibit. Each year, the Indiana History Center hosts a magnificent exhibit of nearly 100 carefully designed and decorated Christmas trees, all of which have been Squeeze into the venue’s magnificent architecture, which features everything from balloons and tires to books. During the event, visitors will also have the opportunity to vote for their favorite tree.

LOCATION: Indiana History Center DATE: January 4, 2020

INDY 1500 Gun and Knife Show.

Established over 25 years ago, this large gun and knife show is a quintessentially American trade show that would raise eyebrows in Europe. But to the locals, it’s one of the most natural things in the world. The show attracts weapons enthusiasts from all over the world and offers a vast array of products, including shooting supplies, ammunition, reloading equipment, and Gun cases, pistol and rifle magazines, collectibles, custom handmade gun cabinets and more.

Location Indiana State Fairgrounds Date January 10-12, 2020

Wheel World

Gasoline heads visiting Indiana in February are in for a treat as World of Wheels customizes The car show will be held in the town. Indiana’s version of this national roadshow features some of America’s finest collectibles and personal automobiles for car owners ” ‘Best in Show’ contest, along with celebrity autograph sessions and repair shop demos

Location Indiana State Fairgrounds Date February 7-9, 2020

Chocolate Festival

If you’re a cocoa lover, a chocolate festival in the historic town of French Lick will make you Feel the sweet satisfaction. The Chocolate Festival has been running for more than a decade, and each year visitors are invited to sample a variety of tempting chocolate creations from the The Chocolate Festival’s in-house pastry team crafted it. There will also be cooking demonstrations, bartending classes and live entertainment.

LOCATION: French Lick Resort, French Lick DATE: 2020 Feb. 8

Hamilton County Maple Madness

Every year in Hamilton County, Maple Madness is held to celebrate this A treasured culinary program that includes a range of maple-themed activities and attractions, all of which are designed to bring awareness to the This oozing syrup from the humble maple tree. There will also be live music and plenty of food available.

LOCATION: Noblesville Bray Family Manor Park DATE: March 7, 2020.

Jay County Fiber Arts Festival.

Live demonstrations, classes, vendors, shearing, entertainment and a dedicated children’s area at this two-day event in Jay County are Regular attraction, the event revolves around a variety of unique fibers. This year the festival moves to the Jay Community Center, where visitors can see how fibers are turned into yarn and participate in a number of other fun! The Event.

LOCATION: Jay Community Center, Portland Dates: 13-14 March 2020


The iconic Lego bricks played an important role in many of our childhoods, and each year the Indiana State Fairgrounds attracts a large number of of Lego enthusiasts to attend this lively festival. The event hosts a range of Lego-themed activities, including a brick play area, imaginative displays, and the chance to meet a number of Meet the talented artists and engineers whose words of wisdom will inspire your next LEGO piece.

Location Indiana State Fairgrounds Date March 21-22, 2020

A cross-cultural music festival.

Lovers of pure acoustic music will be treated to a two-night festival featuring a diverse group of musicians at the lineup and intimate performances. Unlike traditional music festivals, all audience members are asked to give their full attention to the stage during the performance to ensure that everyone is Get a quiet and immersive listening experience.

LOCATION: Seymour DATE: April 24-25, 2020


Indiana began producing wine as early as the 18th century during European colonization, and today the state has several prominent Wineries. The Indiana Wine Show is one of the largest and oldest wine events in the region, and it does so by welcoming fermented grapes to the Enthusiasts come to Storyville to celebrate the tradition by tasting a variety of wines from Riesling to Malbec to Cabernet. The show, open to everyone over 21, is now in its 18th year and continues to attract a large number of wine from far and wide! Enthusiasts, passionate about immersing themselves in the rich and diverse world of Indiana wine. All attendees will receive a commemorative wine glass from Story Inn as a memento.

LOCATION: Story Inn, Nashville DATE: May 2, 2020.

Campbellsburg Village Arts Festival

Aiming to celebrate the rich history and heritage of the town of Campbellsburg, the popular village festival hosts a series of exhibitions showcasing antiques Farm machinery and other antiques and collectibles. In addition, there are beauty contests, talent shows, 5,000-meter runs, car shows, bake-offs, and plenty of other things for all the family! Fun Event.

LOCATION: Campbellsburg Dates: 5-7 June 2020


Middle Waves is one of Fort Wayne’s most anticipated annual music festivals, with over 20 top acts at the Performing on three stages and held two days a year, the event offers an exciting lineup of musical acts as well as engaging interactive art! installations, mouth-watering food trucks, a range of drinks and plenty of activities for children. The annual two-day event offers an exciting array of musical performances, as well as engaging interactive art installations, mouth-watering Food trucks, an array of beverages and plenty of activities for kids.

LOCATION: Fort Wayne Electrical Engineering Complex DATE: June 12-13, 2020

Hancock County Fair

Come enjoy the excitement and overflow of a quintessential Hancock agricultural-based county fair that offers live entertainment, exhilarating rides! Facilities, exhibits, farm animals, livestock shows, tractors and a large selection of street food. The event provides a great opportunity for members of the local community to showcase and purchase any number of agricultural-themed products.

Location: the Hancock County Fair, Greenfield Dates: 19-26 June 2020.

Sweetwater equipment savings

This two-day festival showcases the best music equipment from more than 500 manufacturers, in addition to showcasing a myriad of merchandise. There will also be hands-on demonstrations, workshops and shows, as well as the opportunity to meet with industry professionals to learn more about the latest trends and innovations. In addition to the myriad of merchandise on display, there will be hands-on demonstrations, workshops and shows, as well as the opportunity to meet industry professionals and learn more about the The latest trends and innovations in music equipment.

LOCATION: Sweetwater Headquarters, Fort Wayne Dates: 26-27 June

Booker Trophy

The best local, regional and national talent takes to the streets of downtown Fort Wayne to celebrate the historic culture of open-air performance. Visitors can expect every type of street performance, from live statues, chalk artists and trapeze artists to fire dancers, jugglers and Mime artists. Since these entertainment events are free, patrons are encouraged to tip the performers for their efforts.

LOCATION: Downtown Fort Wayne DATE: June 27, 2020

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Attracting nearly half a million visitors a year, the nonprofit Three Rivers Festival is a family-friendly occasion that revolves around food, entertainment and sheer Fun. Some of the regular highlights include a food court, art in the park, bed races, Three Rivers Festival Parade, Trivia Night and Kids Day. There will also be plenty of souvenirs to choose from and take home.

LOCATION: Three Rivers North, Fort Wayne Dates: 10-18 July 2020

Indiana Microbrew Festival

Indiana’s craft beer scene is growing year after year, and now the burgeoning industry has its own festival, the Indiana Micro Oktoberfest. The event provides a platform for microbreweries in Indiana and beyond to showcase the best craft beer in the region. Helps increase public awareness and appreciation of locally produced amber honey.

LOCATION: Military Park DATE: July 25, 2020

Sayjo Oktoberfest

The Schweizer Fest (which translates as “Swiss Festival”) was first held in 1959 to commemorate the The early arrival of Swiss-German immigrants in Tell City, Perry County, also marked the city’s centennial celebration. Free live entertainment and activities for young and old alike abound at this community-wide event. To give you an idea of what’s on tap, there are queen pageants, talent shows, sporting events, markets, craft brews, wine gardens, delicious Food, etc.

LOCATION: Perry County City Hall Park and Main Street DATE: August 2020.

Indiana State Fair

As one of the largest state fairs in the U.S., revelers flock to the fairgrounds each year to enjoy the amusement park rides, farm animals, and Concerts and Circus Shows. Some of the major highlights of the year include Super City, an event that makes kids feel like they’re super! A heroic interactive exhibit; the Wine Garden, featuring award-winning regional tipples; and the An interactive experience at Animal Town featuring eight farm animals.

Dates: 7-23 August 2020 Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN.


During the two-day event, some 50 professional barbecue teams from around the United States will battle it out in a highly competitive cooking competition. Up-and-coming barbecue masters can also test their talents in amateur competitions, and there’s even a chance for kids to try their hand at barbecue. All fire-based activities are set to a backdrop of top local and national blues music. There will also be piggyback rides, a 5K run and a children’s play area.

LOCATION: Madison Vicente Park DATE: August 21-22, 2020.

Taste of Art.

Fort Wayne’s vibrant arts community comes together for this fun-filled festival to guests of all ages and artistic preferences! Open. There are local dancers, musicians, actors and street performers, as well as children’s activities and the opportunity to browse and buy local talent! Artist created artwork. Plenty of food and drink to keep visitors in good spirits throughout the event.

LOCATION: Various Fort Wayne locations Dates August 28-29, 2020

INDY Jazz Festival

At this festival, Indianapolis venues host international, local and amateur jazz, blues, gospel,… The best gigs in soul music and more. Over the years, some of the biggest names in music have appeared here, attracting huge numbers of jazz fans to the Christel DeHaan Fine Arts Center, The Jazz Kitchen and Indiana Landmarks Center and other popular venues. In addition to music, there’s plenty of food and fun to be had here.

LOCATION: Indianapolis DATE: September 1, 2020.

Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

To celebrate the delicious taste of blueberries, visitors can look forward to delicious blueberry treats including pies, ice cream, sundaes and cheesecake. The free, four-day event also includes an array of activities such as a 15K run, arts and crafts, fireworks, a classic car show, a Hot air balloons, and the most spectacular Blueberry Festival Parade.

LOCATION: Plymouth Centennial Park DATE: September 4-7, 2020

Graubilee Country Fair

Crafts, delicious food, games for the kids and a colorful parade are part of this friendly Grabill town’s annual Some of the main highlights of the village fair. Most of the activities revolve around the town’s long Amish heritage, with displays of traditional Amish clothing and crafts. Prizes will be awarded for the largest food items, including gourds, cantaloupes, watermelons, sunflowers and corn stalks.

LOCATION: Grabill DATE: Sept. 10-12, 2020.

Bred in the Fort.

Indiana’s best craft beers take center stage at this day-long festival for the Fort Wayne Trails raises funds for the event, which aims to develop a system of connecting trails throughout Allen County. Up to 2,000 beer lovers come to the event each year, attracted by the wide selection of locally produced beer , while contributing to a worthy regional cause.

LOCATION: Fort Wayne East Head Water Park DATE: September 13, 2020


Every year on the last weekend of September, the festival honors one of Fairmount’s most iconic former residents, the Hollywood star of the James Dean Tribute. A series of events will be held during the festival to honour the late, famous actor, including the James Dean Run and a four-day celebration of remembrance The event, which is good in nature and cheerful, will also feature car judging, a flame throwing contest, music, games, a street fair, a Booths, rides and other activities.

Location Fairmount Dates September 25-27, 2020

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