The Best Hotels & Resorts In Isla Mujeres North Beach

While almost everyone knows about Mexico’s flagship tourist destinations of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, not Not that many people know about Isla Mujeres. just a short ferry ride from the crowded mainland, Mujeres Isla de Jerez is like a paradise, offering privacy and luxury in a stunning tropical setting.

There’s no shortage of top-notch hotels in the North Beach of Isla Mujeres. From all-inclusive resorts to cozy cottages, there is a hotel to suit every style and budget. We’ve taken into account price, location, rooms, amenities and guest reviews to come up with the best hotels in North Beach.

Where to book. The lowest rates should be at or if you’re looking for the best deals on Hotels in Isla Mujeres, we recommend BEACH Hotel.
From $137/night
Just steps from the shores of Isla Mujeres, Ixchel Beach Hotel is a short walk from the North Sea beach is the closest to the white sand and crystal water. The suites are surprisingly spacious, and while the modern décor leaves a bit to be desired, you can’t spend too much time in your room. Ixchel’s guests have exclusive use of the cabanas, loungers and umbrellas for a perfect day at the beach. Isla Mujeres is small enough to walk around in a day, and Ixchel is only a short walk from many beachfront restaurants and shopping centers! Minutes Away.

The Secret Hotel.
From $178 per night.
Hotel Secreto is located very close to Playa Norte. The interior design is quirky and colourful, modern with a touch of Mexican impressionism. All rooms have a balcony, iPod docking station and plasma TV. The hotel features a full-service spa, and a restaurant and bar near Hidalgo Avenue for relaxing after a hard day’s work! Enjoy the food.

Keene Villa Hotel
From $32 per night
With abundant gardens, Hotel Villa Kiin is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Mexican vacation! The Good Place. The interiors are cozy hacienda-style, making Villa Kiin Hotel a dominant Mexican tourist hotspot The modern, contemporary aesthetic of the retreat. Guests have access to the beach, and while the property rights are not as expansive as the larger resorts on the island, they are very private and less crowded.

From $165 per night
Surrounded by a jungle canopy and well-manicured gardens, Na Balam is the ideal private retreat. Balam’s exterior is dominated by wooden cabins and chairs, with stone paths surrounding the hotel’s many cottages, reminiscent of the Tranquility in the remote jungle while being close to all the restaurants of Playa Norte and Isla Mujeres. The bar and nightlife are just steps away. The hotel’s restaurant, Zazil Ha, serves vegetarian and traditional Mayan cuisine, regularly hosts yoga classes, and has a masseuse on staff! .

MIA REEF (all-inclusive resort)
From 233 RMB/night
Located on its own private island, just off Isla Mujeres, Mia Reef is the ultimate! Resort. An all-inclusive resort, Mia Reef has five on-site restaurants and cafes, as well as late-night room service. Away from the hustle and bustle of the main island, Mia Reef is surrounded by pristine beaches that are exclusively for guests’ use. The interior design has a strong aquatic theme that kids and families will love, but some guests may find it a little over the top, slightly Impatience. Suites feature ocean, sunrise and sunset views.

Hotel Paradise Suite
From $112 per night.
Located just a two-minute walk from the beach, Paradise Suites definitely lives up to its name. The hotel’s decor is whimsical and uses many natural elements, much more so than the austerity of Isla Mujeres’ The resort, which has more of a cozy “beach bum” vibe. All of the rooms have terraces for relaxing in a quiet environment, and small kitchens for frying up a day’s worth of food. If you don’t feel like cooking, there’s a restaurant on site and two right next door.

Proprietary Auxiliary Equipment (all included).
From $183/night
Located between Playa Sol and Playa Norte, Privilege Aluxes. One of the best locations to own Isla Mujeres. As an all-inclusive, adult-oriented resort, Privilege is a great place for couples’ getaways, honeymoons, anniversaries and Perfect for weddings. Each room is spacious and comfortable, just like the resort itself, with king size beds, full bathrooms and beautiful ocean views. There are many suite options with balconies, private pools and Jacuzzis. If you choose the all-inclusive option, there are three restaurants and three bars on site. If you don’t choose, many of Playa Norte’s restaurants and bars are close at hand.

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