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Millions of visitors travel to Indianapolis each year to experience its “Hoosier hospitality,” cultural institutions and emerging food scene. Locals call it “Indianapolis” and invite visitors to explore all that the thriving city they call home has to offer. Whether you’re a history buff or an urban adventurer, Indy has something for you.

Whether planning a couples or family vacation, travelers can get the most out of their vacation budget by purchasing a bundle to Indianapolis.TravelMag compared the most popular booking sites and found two sites that consistently offer the biggest discounts. We recommend checking travel dates on both sites to ensure maximum savings.

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TravelMag found that Priceline offers some of the best discounts on bundled travel packages. By booking flights and hotels together, travelers can save anywhere from $25-$300 per person on a vacation deal. When considering a trip to Indianapolis, a party of two can save $25-$150 on flights and a 3-night stay at a 3-star hotel. If you choose a 4-star or higher hotel, you can save even more, up to $300. priceline offers a price match guarantee, as well as 24/7 customer service. We recommend reading the fine print as some bookings may not qualify for the usual 24-hour cancellation policy.

We also recommend checking your travel dates on Expedia to compare prices and maximize savings. Depending on the departure point, travelers can save anywhere from $25-$100 on airfare and a 3-night hotel stay for two. Some of the biggest savings can be found on high-end hotel properties – four-star hotels in Indianapolis can save an additional $125 or more. Some Expedia travel bundles don’t meet the standard free 24-hour cancellation window and are non-refundable. We recommend reading the fine print and verified guest reviews before booking.

Once you’ve secured your flights and hotels in Indianapolis, you can start planning your trip on Viator. They offer a wide range of experiences and excursions around Indianapolis for a reasonable price. Beer fans can take the “Indy Beer Mile” tour, which explores Indianapolis’ burgeoning brewery scene for $65. There are also walking tours and scavenger hunts available for $10-$20. If your plans change, Viator’s tours typically include free cancellations.

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