The Best Intimate Live Music Venues In Bristol

Even before you enter Bristol, you get a sense of the city’s excitement. The sound system culture has been present in the city for more than 50 years and that’s what makes it unique in terms of sound.

With musical roots all over the world, this most vibrant town in the South West of England has a concentration of musical talent and passion that makes it a Magnets for musicians, DJs and producers. Here’s TravelMag’s decisive list of some of the best ways you can get on the city streets of Bris Feel the buzz of musical utopia on.

Most of the action takes place in Stokescroft, Gloucester Rd and St Pauls ( (St Paul’s) around, but we’ve included a couple of places a little further out and new ones are opening all the time! , it’s worth exploring if you get the chance. Bristol is a great city for walking and cycling and you’ll rarely find yourself more than half an hour from where you need to go! .

left bank

The LeftBank is an unassuming little pub on the pavement of Cheltenham Road. Live music is open almost every night. Musicians set up a stage in the corner, providing the most intimate feeling in the crowd. Every Thursday, LeftBank hosts a jam session that is open to anyone with an instrument at hand. Fronted by LBJB’s, this band gets the funk and soul flow rolling between transitions and always ends the night with a An epic send-off finale for the audience. They will tell you what Mozart pointed out many moons ago – “To play a wrong note is trivial, to play without passion is Unforgivable” – and the place is not lacking in life and vibrancy. It’s a local bar with a friendly face feel, and lots of wonderful people open to conversation and co-creation. Sometimes the best jazz happens just outside on the street, when people are eating late at night.

128 Cheltenham rd, Montpelier, BS6 5RW.

Golden Lion

Perched at the top of Gloucester Road is a golden lion painted on one of the city’s loveliest and most dilapidated pubs The walls. At the back of the venue, curled up like a snoozing cat, is a warm stage that sometimes hosts impromptu, local band-led Concerts and open mic nights. If you go at the right time, the band will even hand you a maraca so you can be part of the music flow. It’s a space for all sorts of human creatures, and there are plenty of characters and stories to hear and interact with. Plus, if you have a bike or skateboard, unicycle or rollerblade, you can roll from the hills to downtown in four minutes without Pushed or stepped on.

244 Gloucester rd., Bristol, BS7 8NZ.


Gallimaufrey is one of the most soulful places on Gloucester Road, with locals, musicians and students all humming along, the place is full of energy. There’s live music most weekends, but the best nights to see it are Thursdays and Sundays, where it’s usually open to anyone carrying a musical instrument Open, local psych legends like Waldo’s Gift, occasional hiphop cypher’s show. You can’t see the paper cranes on the ceiling and people gather around the long shared tables to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. Be sure to check out the delicious local cider, which is the West Country’s most prized produce.

26-28 The Promenade, Gloucester rd, BS7 8AL .


The cafeteria is the bar, restaurant and performance venue at Hamilton House, and due to its role as the Stokes Croft The history of one of the movement’s central beacons is arguably the heart of the city. It all started a decade ago, when artists began moving into an empty office block. Since then, the building has blossomed into an inclusive community space managed by a collective called the “coexist” . It is used for workshops, classes, therapy, exhibitions, you name it, you can have it at Hamilton House! Find. The cafeteria features live music every night of the year. All performances are paid for by the venue, so it’s free for you and your ears. Music starts at 9:30 p.m. and after 10 p.m., tables in the cafeteria are moved to make room for dancing feet. Performances range from string quartets, to Hungarian folk bands, to African music legends. Get there early to avoid the queues.

80 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3QY.


It’s the highest point on the hill, and when you step outside to get some fresh or not-so-fresh air, you’ll see the town at night Seriously beautiful view – this place, the falling stars have been captured by the street lights and bedroom windows. Locals come here on Friday nights to check it out and walk out onto the deck. It’s a quieter part of town, slightly more secluded, but well worth trying the steep incline as there’s plenty of of local beers, usually changed every two weeks.

53 Hillgrove Street, Bristol.


This review on the Facebook page, from a punk, sums it up smoothly.

“The right bar. Decent beer and cider. Great live music. Friendly atmosphere.

No hippies.”

That’s really all you need to know. Oh, and at any given time, someone is always falling from the ceiling behind the stage. There’s nothing more to say. Go there and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

60-62 Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AU.

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