The Best Key West Boat Rental Companies

Located within the Florida Keys, Key West Island is a mecca for yachting enthusiasts in the U.S. and beyond, with stunning reefs and world-class diving and snorkeling opportunities. On land, the pink conch-style house adds much character and charm, while several buildings honor many famous writers, including Ernest Hemingway, Robert Frost and Tennessee Williams, who all lived here.
For visitors seeking a yacht charter on Key West Island, there are many options. To help you find the right charter company for your preferences and needs, we have dug deep and selected three yacht charter companies located in and around the island, based on criteria including the range of yachts available, company policies and reviews from previous clients.

Sailo claims to offer approximately 30,000 vessels of all types for charter at destinations around the world, with charters lasting as short as a few hours and as long as a few weeks. Users can search based on their preferred location, number of guests, type of boat, size of boat, price and other relevant criteria, or they can talk directly to the yacht operator through the website. When we searched for yacht charters on Key West, we found 17 boats, including 8 sailboats and 6 catamarans, for a total of 6 bareboats to choose from, most of which are available with captains for 2, 4 or 8 hours. In our search, the cheapest yacht was a 30-foot catamaran starting at $350/day.

Marine Directory
Now in its sixth year, peer site Boatsetter has quickly become a major enabler and promoter of the South Florida boat charter industry. The company brings together charter companies, ship owners and licensed captains, enabling them to connect with each other and arrange charter deals through an online platform. Users can choose to request a reservation through the website or send a message directly to the owner asking about their boat. Since Boatsetter does not directly operate or control yachts, they have adopted strict insurance policies to protect the interests of charterers and owners, including requiring a minimum deposit of $500 per yacht. When we searched for available yachts on Key West, we found 28 options, including 5 sailboats and 3 bareboats.

Boat ticket booking
Boatbookings is one of the largest and most reputable yacht charter companies in the market, and they have a total of 6 yachts available for charter in Key West. In their fleet, there are yachts from 11 to 46 meters, 1 of which is a bareboat (no captain or crew) and the rest are yachts with crew. Boatbookings also has 1 catamaran available for charter at Key West, with the catamaran being a requirement for the most popular charterers in the area. The site also offers a comprehensive review section, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the experiences of guests who have used Boatbookings charters.

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