The Best Key West Sunset Cruises

Key West is reminiscent of Caribbean culture, hot Gulf of Mexico weather, elegant colonial architecture and images of Ernest Hemingway fishing with a cold beer in hand. Located at the top of the Florida Keys, 165 miles from Miami, this remarkable little town is the highlight of the islands. In these places, boats can be seen everywhere you go, so there’s plenty of opportunity and little temptation, especially on a romantic sunset, sipping champagne and looking back across the street at Key West.

Understandably, there are a large number of sunset cruises and cruise ships departing from Key West every day. A sunset dinner cruise can be one of the best experiences you’ll have in Key West, with food, wilderness and culture all in one. Other options include sailing in the sunset on an elegant yacht or dancing to live music on the deck. We’ve gone through a huge selection of Key West sunset cruises to recommend five of the best sunset cruises for you. The itinerary, the value for money, the uniqueness of the experience and the reviews from previous guests were all taken into account.

A Champagne cruise at sunset
From $43/person: $43/person
Champagne and sailing may not be the best pairing if you’re in charge of navigation, but when you’re traveling, let someone else take care of it so you can focus on relaxing. This cruise ship departs from Key West Island an hour before sunset and passes through the island with perfect land views. Drinks, beer and sangria are also part of the price, and additional cocktails can be purchased. This 69-foot (21-meter) catamaran keeps you close to the water, and if you’re lucky enough to spot marine life as the sun sets, you’ll feel extra close to it. After sunset, the cruise returned to the same point of departure on Elizabeth Street.

Catamaran Sunset Party Cruise
From $65/person
For a more upbeat sunset cruise, there’s a catamaran with dance space and lively dancing by live music. As the sky warms up in the blue and black of day and night, you can lighten up with free drinks, including beer and margaritas. If you want to take a break and catch your breath, there’s also a great view of the sunset or Key West to recharge your energy before heading back to the dance floor with snacks like vegetables, cheese platters and conch fritters at the snack table. This sunset cruise lasts about two hours.

Key West Champagne Cruise at Sunset
From 50 RMB/person
If sailing is not for you, then another motorized catamaran can also be used to navigate the waves around Key West at sunset. The cruise ship departs from a dock near Key West Bight, a centralized departure point. Watch the sunset, then raise a glass of toast with champagne, wine, cold beer or soda. This sunset cruise is more laid-back than some others, perfect for drinking in a pleasant atmosphere and feeling closer to the sea. During the one-and-a-half hour tour, you’ll even have a chance to see dolphins from the deck.

Exclusive sunset tour with champagne and snacks to go with it
From $79/person
While not a full sunset dinner cruise, this option is a great way to enjoy plenty of food and drink while sailing in the Caribbean. This daily cruise uses modern catamarans and limits the number of passengers, so the experience feels more unique and less like a tour group. Once you’ve had a glass or two, try the tuna kimchi or shrimp cocktail snacks, which are designed to pair perfectly with the wine and champagne on board. Under the right conditions, once out on the high seas and the sails unfurl, the most romantic sunset experience can be enjoyed.

Sooner appledore Key West sunset cruise with full bar
From $39/person
As it turns out, this is one of the more unique sunset cruises and this beautiful boat is great value for money and very popular. During the two-hour voyage, under the right conditions, you can hoist your sails as the sun sinks below the horizon. You can even take your turn at the helm. Then grab a cocktail or beer (included in the ticket price) and enjoy the coastline of the Florida Keys. An appetizer and cheese platter is also available. Despite being one of the more unique of the Kiwester cruises, this cruise ship’s sunset experience is only available from late November to late May (daily departures).

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