The Best Kyoto Tea Ceremony Experience

Enjoying the tea ceremony is a must for many visitors to Japan, not just tea lovers, because drinking tea in Japan is much more than enjoying a cup of tea! More meaningful! The tea ceremony itself is a ritual in which tea is prepared and served, following strict protocols that tea masters have learned over the years. At the heart of the ritual is matcha, a powdered tea blend that dates back to Buddhist monks in the 9th century, and since then it has It has always played an important role in Japanese culture.

The best way to immerse yourself in the Japanese tea culture is to participate in a tea ceremony experience. These often offer insight into history and the role of tea in Japanese society, as well as guiding guests through the full tea ceremony. Here are five of the best tea ceremony experiences.

A 45-minute tour of the tea ceremony experience
From: Pound23 per person
This 45-hour tea ceremony experience is a great option for those interested in learning more about traditional Japanese culture, as the It will guide guests through the complete thin tea ceremony. Join your guide and companions on the tatami, a traditional Japanese floor mat, to learn everything: from tea making to the history of the tradition. As well as the taste and tasting of two types of matcha and traditional Japanese sweets. Leading the class will be a licensed tea master trained at Urasenke, Japan’s largest tea ceremony school. After the experience, we will delve into the traditional kimonos and beautiful weaves of the Nishijin region of Kyoto.

Zen Meditation Cultural Spiritual Journey
From £88 per person.
Explore the stunning natural beauty of the ancient Kyoto countryside, the Hozu River, the surrounding lush mountains and bamboo forests, the scent of birds and flowers, and tradition. of shrines and buildings. Over the course of three and a half hours, this itinerary will showcase the spiritual and cultural side of Japan, as guests will be introduced to Japanese culture through meditation with Buddhist monks and the Learn about Buddhist culture at a traditional matcha green tea ceremony.

Tea Ceremony Jooan at Jodoji Temple.
From £22 per person.
Take your first steps in the world of tea in Japan with the beautiful Jodoji Temple as your backdrop. This 70-minute class runs throughout the day, so you can choose the time slot that works best for you. A tea master will lead you through the tea ceremony, demonstrating and explaining each step of the ritual, and visitors will explore the art of drinking matcha, and Learn about the importance of matcha in Japanese culture.
This popular activity welcomes groups of nine people to ensure a value for money individual engagement experience.

A 2-hour evening tea ceremony with a traditional dinner
From £90 per person.
This hybrid experience combines an authentic Japanese meal with a tea ceremony served in a traditional Japanese house. The purpose of this experience is to allow those who have no experience or knowledge of the tea ceremony to experience the actual tea ceremony, allowing guests to experience the tea ceremony! All aspects of the ceremony. This activity appeals to both tourists and local beginners, as locals rarely go without having been exposed to practical Participate in a very traditional tea ceremony, so this ritual will help you take the first step in your tea ceremony journey.

A Japanese tea ceremony with a tea master at Wawa Hall.
From £34 per person.
This tea ceremony takes place in a typical Japanese log cabin, the Machiya, and is often highly recommended by past guests. Over the course of an hour or so, guests will be guided through the steps of the tea ceremony, all in Japanese, to Add authenticity and, of course, translation. You will learn everything you need to know from proper seating to matcha preparation. When the tea is ready, you will begin tasting, looking for subtle flavors and savoring the sweet treats that accompany the tea.

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