The Best Paris Catacombs Tours

Many people strolling through the French capital never realise that in the miles of underground tunnels beneath their feet, hidden in the millions of Human bones. The Paris catacombs are both terrifying and fascinating. The catacombs, which were built in the 18th century, are thought to contain the remains of six million people, and the network of tunnels is so extensive that people in the The following has been gone for several days. You can map certain events and tragedies along the route below, solemnly commemorating the dead of various uprisings and plagues.

Over the decades, the Paris catacombs have become one of the city’s star attractions, but the lack of space in the tunnels and the need to limit the The potential for vandalism, which sadly is not uncommon, means that queues can form quickly. In fact, near the Denfert-Rochereau metro station in the south of the city, lines often run from the entrance all the way to Stretching to far away places. Sometimes the wait can be as long as two or three hours, so a hopscotch tour is the best way to avoid this, while still getting the local Guided tours or audio guides useful expertise and knowledge.

Tickets and audio guide for the CATACOMBS Jumping Line Tour of Paris
From 36 euros per person
The easiest, and most cost-effective, way to visit is to select a jumper ticket, which will assign you a specific time for your visit. This keeps the number of people in the catacombs to a minimum, giving you time and space to mingle with the ubiquitous piles of human bones. Many of these human bones have been arranged to make the best bone art installations. An audio tour is an excellent aid, providing background information and also excerpts from the legendary history of the catacombs themselves, which bear witness to the A variety of spectacles from murder to concerts.

Special Access Paris Catapults Tour
From 69 euros per person
If you don’t want to opt for the self-guided tour, which is limited to a specific route through the tunnel (and enforced by a locked gate). Then this special passage tour will take your catacombs experience to another level. With an English-speaking guide, you can skip the queues and head 20 metres underground. On this special passage tour, you will see highlights open to others such as the ‘Arrete. c’est’ The sign “ici l’empire de la mort”, you can also go through those locked gates and enter areas that are not open to others.

VIP SKIP-THE-QUE Restricted Access to Paris CATACOMBS Tour.
From 110 euros per person.
Another excellent fast-track catacombs tour may also be the most moving. Keeping the maximum number of participants to seven, this guided route opens the door to a network of tunnels deeper beneath the city, into the Areas that are off limits to other tourists. As you leave the main self-help route, everything goes quiet, surrounded by all these human remains, with very few people around. This experience is one of the most touching and unique ways to experience the catacombs.

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