The Best Restaurants In Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The new port, Nyhavn, was built more than 300 years ago to allow trade ships to transport goods directly to what was then known as Copenhagen The inner city (Nyhavn originally extended all the way to King’s Square). As a result of the founding of the new harbour, Copenhagen has grown considerably and Nyhavn is still the central attraction of Copenhagen today.

Locals and tourists alike congregate in the restaurants lining the canals of Nyhavn, sitting outside in summer and indoors in winter in comfortable surroundings. There are 12 restaurants serving the freshest food and the coldest beer in the city.


Hyttefadet serves traditional Danish lunches and dinners. Sumptuous burgers, meatballs and salmon are on the menu, along with two mixed platters and a variety of fillings for smarrebred. Includes herring, shrimp eggs and smoked salmon. The décor is basic, with wine signs and historic framed photos on the walls, half black, half cream, creating a A relaxed bar atmosphere.

Nyhavn 25, 1051 K?benhavn K, Denmark.

Nyhavn 17

This 17th-century building, with its ochre fadade and big red neon sign, stands out among the brightly coloured buildings lining the canal Eye-catching. Inside, it’s a mix of an Old World bar and a French bistro. The walls are adorned with nautical trinkets and old photographs, while local beer is served on tap. The menu ranges from everyday classics like Caesar salad and fish and chips to the local favorite Danish lunch smarrebred.

Nyhavn 17, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

SEA by Kiin Kiin

Located at the entrance to the Nyhavn Canal overlooking Christianshavn, this upscale restaurant offers modern Thai… Cuisine. In the industrial-style brick building, the décor is sleek and Danish; the light-filled rooms, with wooden furniture and delicate Green leaves and white petals of orchids are full of life. Oysters with nam jin marinade, pork belly stew with five spices and pork crackling, and banana cake with coconut milk and soft caramel are all on the menu.

Nyhavn 71, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.


Japanese cuisine prepared using the freshest Scandinavian ingredients in Damindra’s modern Danish interior. Sushi rolls, sashimi, tempura and kushiyaki are just a few of the options on the extensive menu. Desserts include tempura green tea ice cream and a flaming meringue flavored with cashews and rum. The rustic feel of the white walls and modern black furniture is tempered by the natural tones of the wood floors and potted plants scattered around the edges.

Holbergsgade 26, 1057 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.


Faergekro is known for its daily lunch buffet of herring, prepared in at least 10 different ways. A variety of smarrebr?d is also available.The dinner menu includes familiar dishes and offers simple but delicious Danish food! , such as roast beef, pork belly and meatballs. A “plate of the day” with seasonal vegetables is served daily. Specialty aperitifs are also made with fresh berries and flavors that are in season locally. The atmosphere here is cozy and unpretentious.

Nyhavn 5, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

Gilleleje Restaurant

In addition to the traditional Danish lunch menu of smarrebr?d and herring, this modern restaurant on the other side of the canal is located in the main dining area. The restaurant also offers some hearty local options, such as pork stew and chicken and asparagus tarts. The clean, fresh interior is decorated with sea trinkets and global treasures. Highly lacquered wooden tables and brown leather chairs provide a high-quality dining experience. The bar offers specialty beers, a variety of snacks and a selection of wines.

Nyhavn 10, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

Restaurant Zeleste

A fresh color palette runs through every aspect of this French restaurant, from the setting to the décor and food. The classic bistro style has been replaced with modern, industrial materials such as concrete steps and brick walls. Marble tables also help create a more cosmopolitan feel. Beef tartare, lobster, oysters, croque monsieur and an extensive wine selection can all be found on the classic French menu.

Store Strandstrade 6, 1255 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

Heering Restaurant

The menu at Restaurant Heering features a large selection of classic Danish food with a French flair. Breakfast includes pancakes and a Danish breakfast platter with bacon, cheese, yogurt, fish and pancakes. Lunch and dinner options range from light salads to pasta dishes to hearty stews, steaks and a selection of fresh fish. The interior of the restaurant is fresh and modern with an industrial design touch, such as the brick wall panels.

Nyhavn 15, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

Horn Hat.

Organic Danish seasonal produce is the main ingredient in all of Cap Horn’s dishes. With rustic light wood floors, white walls and fresh flowers, the simple décor, Danish rustic design helps to create the restaurant’s The relaxed atmosphere. The décor complements the fresh, healthy food. There is a wide selection from fish dishes to pancakes. The staff are very friendly.

Nyhavn 21, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.


This elegant restaurant occupies a fresh, bright room with ornate wooden chairs, golden candelabras, and relaying Port Ney’s most famous Hans Christian Anderson, one of the former residents of the The “Matchbox” fairy tale artwork. The extensive lunch menu offers smarrebrbd, a herring buffet or a Danish platter. The dinner menu includes classics such as steak, leg of lamb and duck. All dishes are decorative.

Nyhavn 11, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.


Kompasset serves light meals in a modern Scandinavian setting. Light wood furnishings with modern light fixtures and cozy bay windows create a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy fresh Open sandwiches are filled with shrimp, salmon, chicken and beef, and a hearty bowl of soup. For a light snack, they have a selection of pork pies, olives and chili crackers. There’s a large selection of Danish beer and wine available.

Nyhavn 65 stuen, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

Havfruen Restaurant

Havfruen is a seafood restaurant serving fresh local sea fish. There’s a range of options including calamari, crayfish, crab, cod and salmon. Steak and beef Carpaccio are also available, but vegetarians have limited options. Dark wood and green moss tones create a relaxed atmosphere.

Nyhavn 39, 1051 Kabenhavn K, Denmark.

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