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The city of Hana is located on the east coast of Maui, Hawaii, and the roads running north and south along the coast, if not the entire United States, are The state’s most fascinating driving routes. The Road to Hana or the Hana Highway is a 64 miles of road, including portions of Route 36 and Route 360, from northern Kahului starts out, crosses Hana, and heads south to Wailua! Falls. The route passes the coast and then moves slightly inland, including a series of narrow, winding curves and dozens of bridges flanked by Dense rainforest. It’s a very enjoyable trail, but with so much to see, many people prefer to let someone else do the hard work so you have more Opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

Road trips to Hana are becoming an increasingly popular way to explore the Hana road route. There are many options, most of which utilize minibuses and drivers, stopping at different viewpoints along the way. Some opt for helicopter tours, which are shorter but more informative as they soar over this beautiful piece of land. Of the tours available, we have considered various factors such as value for money, length of time and itinerary for you to Five major tours were brought in. Previous guest reviews have been taken into account. Here are five of your best Road to Hana tours.

Road To Hana Adventure With Breakfast & Lunch (Breakfast And Lunch).
From: $140 per person
For a ten-hour tour, which is basically a road trip, the amount of energy required to get on this excellent option is staggering! The. This is due to the fact that there are many stops along the way during the day’s journey. Travel to Hana follows the usual loop, first heading south into the interior via Keokea, then turning east to join the 360 The road connects and proceeds towards Hana. From there, follow the Hana Highway back to Kahului. First visit the rolling pastures of Kaupo Ranch, where you’ll see the rural, wild side of Maui. After passing the impressive Wailua Falls, you’ll enter the Hana Highway with stops at Koki Beach, Kauaha Beach, Kauaha Beach, and Kauaha Beach. Hana Bay and Black Sand Beach in Wainapanapa. More waterfalls and freshwater pools await you, and you’ll have the opportunity to swim at Pua’a Ka’a State Park. A visit to a traditional Hawaiian village is another highlight among many other stops.

Hana Sightseeing Tours on the Small Group Road Trip
From $145 per person
Another popular tour is this small group option, which is limited to eight people. Completing the entire Hana Loop in a ten-hour trip with no less than 25 stops along the way, visiting beaches, villages, lava tubes, and Waterfall and Bamboo Forest. You will also have the opportunity to meet the great American pilot Charles A. Lindbergh at the A cemetery stop on the plateau is followed by 617 curves and 54 single-lane bridges that make up the main road to Hana. Of course, the road and journey can be quite tough, so, as with all the tours on the list, with the exception of the helicopter program, it May not be suitable for people with bad backs or pregnant women. Maui-grown fruits and pastries for breakfast and Tahitian barbecue for lunch.

The road to HANA with the locals
From $162 per person
If you’re looking for a longer small group tour (limited to 14 people this time) with a local twist, then this A tour led by a local guide has a much more authentic feel to it. Sticking to the “Road to Hana,” this tour has a lot of local connotations, from the best viewpoints, such as from the Kaumashina State Park’s coastline to the best local cuisine. Sample the well-known ono grindz, literally meaning “delicious food,” at a restaurant in Hana. Classic ono grindz dishes include taco rice and fried eggs. Other tour highlights include swimming in the natural springs and driving to the top of the stunningly beautiful Haleakala mountain.

Eco-Friendly Road to Hanna Tour
From $177 per person
It has never been more important to travel in an environmentally friendly way – it’s not just about throwing your rubbish in the bin. This trip is especially environmentally conscious, and the organizers are doing everything they can to reduce their impact on guests. This includes donating 1% of all proceeds to the 1% for the Planet campaign, which puts the proceeds towards the work of nonprofit environmental organizations. Breakfast is served at Jaws Country Store, as it offers vegetarian and gluten-free options, as well as a vegan breakfast! Burritos. Lunch is similarly considered at an organic farm, with part of the proceeds helping local health initiatives. Over the course of 11 hours, you’ll visit numerous charming villages and landscapes on this tour.

A 40-minute helicopter tour of the Hana Rainforest
From $299 per person
When time is tight, but money is not an issue, in addition to taking the Road to Hana, the other One option is to fly over Hana. After a 40-minute flight from Kahului Airport, sweeping southward Head into the lush rainforest to Hana and enjoy the coastline, winding roads and some stunning waterfalls. The helicopter lands at an old taro plantation in the Wailua Valley rainforest, leaving you about 30 minutes to explore the banana trees and wildflowers of this remote land. Once back in the air, you’ll return via a different route. Your pilot will also provide flight commentary along the way, naming the beautiful places that unfold beneath your feet.

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