The Best Seafood Restaurants In Newport

The roaring Pacific Ocean will always be the biggest attraction on Oregon’s rugged coastline. While the gentle towns dotted along the coast serve this impossibly huge major attraction well. As one of the largest and most centrally located towns on the coast, Newport offers visitors numerous lodging options and, more importantly, the You can taste the abundance of seafood from the ocean.

Sea lions bark and tourists crowd Newport’s historic bayfront, where you’ll find many of the area’s best restaurants, without the People Over Local Ocean Seafood (213 SE Bay Blvd) is a fusion of a medium to high-end space filled with Hungry customers and knowledgeable staff. No one exceeds the blend of same-day freshness and culinary creativity at Local Ocean Seafood (213 SE Bay Blvd)! , a medium to high-end space filled with hungry clients and knowledgeable staff. Whether you stay in the more casual downstairs area or opt for the intimate beer and wine bar upstairs, don’t miss Yakina Bay! and views of the coastal mountains, or unforgettable dishes like grilled king salmon or spicy Brazilian seafood stew.

The Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant (1216 SW Canyon Way) is busy exploring the coast’s endless natural wonders! The perfect rest stop for the day. It’s a humble seaside stop with a beautiful patio offering two of life’s greatest pleasures: books and seafood, in one convenient Location. Their new and used book stores are always a delight, and their comforting seafood of fried oysters and decadent clam chowder Food is the perfect antidote to the coastal chill.

When it comes to views of the harbor, it’s hard to beat Saffron Salmon (859 SW Bay Blvd. ), which sits on the edge of the marina overlooking the bountiful waters, provides the core ingredients for much of the menu. Their bright and spacious windows allow you to enjoy the view while sampling a large selection of Northwest wines, craft beers, and seafood dishes! , including the delicious calamari pasta. Be sure to try their equally delicious meats and sweets while you’re there, from the local lamb burger to the marigold pie, an Oregon staple! There’s a reason.

On the humble side of the Yaquina Bay Bridge, there’s an equally humble Fishtails Café ( 3101 Ferry Slip Rd), a no-frills seafood restaurant that nonetheless There’s a modicum of small-town charm, though much of this is due to the welcoming staff. Breakfast is the main event here, as the menu features hearty eggs, hash browns and toast, as well as a fresh catch ready to go. Whether you order clam fritters, Dungeness crab cakes, or even marigold pancakes, you’ll come away with a sinking stomach and an appreciation for local ingredients! The appreciation of leaving Fishtails.

For an alternative to the homogenous cuisine of the Oregon Coast, stop by Kam on the way to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse! Meng Chinese Restaurant (4424 N Coast Hwy). The best Chinese restaurant in Newport (and possibly the entire Oregon coast), in a bright green building, uses Iconic terracotta pots serve food using locally sourced ingredients, incorporating Northwest-inspired and vegetarian-friendly styles into Eastern cuisine Among the entrees. Always reasonably priced, even for prominent and delicious specials like their Dungeness crab platter or their scorching green onion oyster platter! is so.

Asiatico Waterfront Fusion Sushi (875 SW) Bay Blvd) takes a similar approach with another popular Asian cuisine that blends flavors from the Northwest and Far East. for the freshest fusion sushi most of us will ever have the pleasure of sampling. There are charcuterie plates and bento boxes aplenty, but the highlight here is the fusion roll menu, prepared with Oregon shellfish because you’ve never had it before! , and gorgeous views of the typical Gulf Coast.

Then again, sometimes good seafood doesn’t require any particularly fancy or exotic preparations. Even when they do cook their fish, South Beach Fish Market (3640 S Coast Hwy) doesn’t do much to dress it up! Their massive collection of local seafood. Instead, they’ve built their name around simplified American classics like fish and chips, burgers and cocktails. Whether you’re buying raw or prepared fish, the no-frills approach allows you to enjoy everything from Chinook King Salmon to Oregon! The delicate and beneficial flavor of every wild catch, including pink shrimp.

Georgie’s Beachside Grill (744 SW Elizabeth St) is a spacious, casual and upscale restaurant whose traditional coastal food options aren’t too innovative. Nonetheless, the staff is friendly, and their array of familiar seafood staples are cooked to perfection. The halibut tacos or clam chowder bread bowls aren’t anything special, but Georgie’s prepares them in pure comfort The flavor aspect is unmatched.

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