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The cultural and architectural styles vary between the three Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and there are many historical and religious sites that make any travel itinerary an experience. For many people, guided tours are the best way to experience as much of the area as possible in a limited amount of time without having to worry about organizing many details.

While Tallinn or Vilnius is the starting point for tourism in the Baltic Sea region, Helsinki, which is separated from Estonia by the Baltic Sea, is occasionally included, adding another dimension to the experience. Therefore, here are five best Baltic Sea itineraries for you based on price, itinerary and previous guest reviews.

Baltic life and cuisine
Starting price: EUR 1,096/person
Combining cultural attractions with the rich culinary traditions of the region, this 11-day Baltic Sea tour will satisfy all your senses. Starting in the Estonian capital, Tallinn, you will be escorted to the city’s most famous attractions, which are a perfect blend of medieval and modern, before tasting the traditional cuisine of the area, which is centuries old. Other itinerary highlights include a visit to Lithuania’s Aukstaitija National Park, where you can cycle through the picturesque landscape, and a visit to a Latvian brewery to explore the art of Baltic-style beer brewing. The trip ends in Riga, Latvia, where you can choose your airport transfer. The price of this trip includes 10 nights in a centrally located 3-4 star hotel, visits to some of the attractions, and all transportation between destinations.

Private tours of the capitals of the Baltic States
Starting price: Euro1,390/person
Baltic Sea Holidays’ Baltic Private Tour is the best value for money personalised experience, this Baltic Private Tour itinerary, pre-packaged, is designed to give you a great experience, but there is room to tailor your experience to your liking. Using a local chauffeur guide and a hotel in the old part of the city, you can get a deeper insight into the area, which is not possible on a group tour. The three capital cities of the Baltic States: Vilnius, Riga and Tiga. Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn are all included, as well as day trips to castles and national parks.

Vilnius, Riga, Tallinn, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Petersburg
From EUR 1,416/person
If you want to make as much time as possible in your itinerary, then this tour may be the best choice for you. Over the course of 13 days, you’ll take a leisurely look at the region in all five countries, ensuring you have time to really get a feel for each place. The adventure begins in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, where the baroque old town is full of character and charm, before heading to Riga, Latvia, and its unique Art Nouveau architecture. Next up is the Estonian port city of Tallinn, with its medieval walls standing side by side with modern buildings lined with tall buildings. A short ferry hop to the Gulf of Finland will be your penultimate stop, and you’ll find it’s a typical Nordic metropolis where public saunas are a daily pastime for many, rather than an occasional indulgence. The final stop on the itinerary is the Russian city of St. Petersburg, one of the crown jewels of Eastern Europe, where attractions such as the Winter Palace and the Winter Palace Museum await you. This trip includes 12 nights in a central 3-4 star hotel, tickets to multiple attractions and all transportation costs.

Eight-day trip to Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia
From 466 euros per person
For those looking to explore the Baltic region in a week’s time, this city tour of Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, the capital of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, is a great immersive exploration on a limited budget. It includes walking tours of each city’s old town, while leaving plenty of free time in between to explore in your own way. With the exception of the Kadriorg Palace and the Gutmanis Caves, admission is not included in the price. However, all guides, transportation, breakfast and seven nights of three-star accommodation are at your own expense.

The Baltic Sea Experience
From EUR 2,282/person
One of the longer tours was a more comprehensive exploration of the entire Baltic Sea region. The tour starts in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, with a visit to the Sumerina Marine Fortress and the option to see a show at the National Theatre. The capitals of the Baltic states are naturally a must on all tours, but there is also the opportunity to visit Lithuania’s Kulonitu National Park and the country’s ancient forest wood carvings. The itinerary then moves into Poland, heading to Warsaw and ending in Berlin, with attractions such as the Brandenburg Gate and the Kreuzberg neighborhood.

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