Top 3 Greece Bareboat And Yacht Charter Companies

Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, this so-called “cradle of Western civilization” carries with it a mystique and allure that attracts from afar the The tourists keep coming. The country is also a yachtsman’s delight, with timeless blue skies and turquoise waters providing idyllic cruising grounds. Off the boat, traditional Greek villages dotted with quaint white houses and charming tavernas offering fresh sea fish continue to delight visitors. Bringing Excitement.

Whether you’re visiting the famous coastal capital of Athens, where ancient wonders stand side by side with state-of-the-art marinas, or the countless beautiful of islands that are a paradise for tourists, Greece offers a wealth of opportunities for unforgettable yacht charters. If you are based on the Greek mainland, a convenient day sail to several of these islands gives you the opportunity to experience the country’s All Glory.

A few years ago, the influential magazine Conde Naste Traveller described Sailo for “the Airbnb of boats and yachts,” and a closer look at their website will soon reveal why.Sailo is a International bareboat yacht charter and crewed yacht charter companies allow owners and charterers to find charter companies and their boats. Visitors can choose from thousands of unmanned and crewed yachts based on date, location, price, size and user reviews, and you also Custom searches can be created based on your specific itinerary preferences. When we were looking for bareboats and other yacht charters in Greece, we found hundreds of boats that were bareboats. If you are looking for a dedicated catamaran then Sailo will also impress you with a total of 161 available! Ships.

Booking of ferry tickets
Boatbookings is one of the largest and most established yacht charter companies. With a total of 516 yachts available for charter adventures in Greece, the company caters for all preferences. In their fleet, there are yachts ranging from 10 to 100 meters, 261 of which are empty (no captain or crew). The rest are crewed yachts. Another advantage is that Boatbookings has over 100 catamarans available for charter in Greece, with Cat being a potential The most common requests from charterers. In addition, the site offers a helpful reviews section so you can read about the experiences of previous guests before sailing.

Known as the “trusted community marketplace” for yacht charters, Ritzy Charters is our Greek The number one resource for crew yachts. For motorboat and sailboat charters in Greece, the company offers a wide variety of crew yachts, including luxury yacht charters, motorboats. Monohulls and catamarans. According to our search, the cheapest charter boat currently listed in Greece costs €3500 per week to get a 19.5m sailboat charter for 6 people with two crew. The booking process itself is intuitive and simple – all you have to do is fill in a few key details about your itinerary, including guests Quantity, dates, preferred itinerary and special requests, you then request a quote and wait for the company to send back one based on your request!

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