Top Unique Things To Do In Augusta

Augusta is probably best known for hosting the annual U.S. Masters, one of the four major golf tournaments, but beyond its lush greens and daunting bunkers, there’s plenty more for visitors to explore. Located near the South Carolina border, the city is characterized by wide boulevards and scenic waterways, with the Savannah River and Augusta Canal providing open space for kayaking and boating. There are also a number of cultural venues here, attesting to Augusta’s rich history of artistic output.

Augusta is certainly a place to visit for at least a few days, with plenty of time to fill that time. If you have a week or more of free time, then you should be able to take refuge during your stay and explore some of the city’s lesser-known landmarks and attractions.

A Tribute to the “Godfather of Soul”

One of Augusta’s most famous former residents was the late James Brown, the legendary funk and soul musician, and several monuments stand in his honor throughout the city. But undoubtedly the most famous is the memorial statue on Broad Street overlooking Augusta Common, which remains a popular pilgrimage destination for fans who flock here to pay their respects, take photos and offer flowers in honor of a true music icon.

Waters through the Industrial Canal

The Augusta Canal dates back to 1845 and is part of the National Heritage Area, where there are many opportunities for trails, fishing, kayaking and boat trips to explore this pre-industrial waterway. For those who enjoy kayaking through the mellow waters of the canal, Savannah Rapids Kayak Rentals is a local company that offers first-time paddlers as well as seasoned veterans the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing rafting along the 5 mile route. The route takes about 2 hours for most people and there are no rocks or rapids along the way, which means families are encouraged to bring their little ones along for the adventure, or even their dogs! That’s why we encourage families to bring their little ones along for the adventure.

Take a stroll through the museum dedicated to two comedy legends.

The Laurel & Hardy Museum, located about 15 miles west of Augusta, explores the life and career of the iconic comedy duo who reigned supreme in the early classic Hollywood era of American cinema. All of the artifacts and memorabilia here are donated by fans from around the world and are open for free, and there is even a dedicated theatre room where visitors can watch the legendary pair’s films.

Enjoy compelling Southern-themed artwork.

Located on Riverside Drive in downtown Augusta, the Morris Museum of Art is the oldest museum in the nation dedicated to showcasing the art and artists of the American South. Its collection includes more than 5,000 works – paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculptures – from the late 18th century to the present. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum hosts more than a dozen temporary special exhibitions each year, as well as a wide variety of public events such as special film screenings, seminars, lectures, book signings, exhibition openings, tours, and special events for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers.

Enjoy your chocolate.

Since opening in 2005, La Bonbonnière has been satisfying the sweet needs of Augusta locals and visitors alike with its mouth-watering selection of chocolates, all handmade in the shop. If you ask carefully, the owner can even give you a behind-the-scenes look at the chocolate making process in the store.

Visit to the former President’s childhood home

Located within the boundaries of the Downtown Augusta Historic District is a home with a glorious history. Now a museum and National Historic Landmark, it was home to a young boy from 1858 to 1870 who later became the leader of the free world – a boy named Woodrow Wilson. Today, visitors can visit the site, where original furniture and memorabilia commemorating the life of the 28th President of the United States are strewn about.

An in-depth look at Augusta’s history

The Augusta Museum of History of Augusta will feel like an encyclopedia of fascinating facts for visitors who want to learn about the city’s rich historical heritage. Inside the museum, you will find a large number of exhibits designed to educate people about the evolution of the city from its founding to the present. One of the highlights is a quirky exhibit devoted to local golf history.

Explore a vibrant cultural centre

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center, a historic Roman Catholic church that has been transformed into a cultural venue, is a must-visit for all who appreciate the beautiful architecture. The Sacred Heart Cultural Center is one of Augusta’s most famous landmarks and attracts a large number of visitors each year for a variety of events, including choral concerts, art exhibitions and the popular Garden Festival.

Here, you can taste authentic Southern cuisine.

Georgia is known for its most delicious Southern cuisine, and Augusta is home to a number of restaurants serving up classic regional fare.Scoyners is an acclaimed family-owned restaurant with generations of history that is guaranteed to satisfy your smoky palate. All meats here are roasted on live charcoal using a traditional family recipe and smoked for at least 24 hours to develop flavor.

Watch a minor league baseball game.

There’s nothing more American than watching a baseball game in Augusta, where you can attend a minor league game at RP Park Stadium, home of the Augusta GreenJackets since 2019. There are plenty of food and refreshment stalls to fill you up, and unlike most European sporting events, spectators can even watch the action with a beer in hand.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Augusta.

The Phinizy Swamp Nature Park covers approximately 1,100 acres and is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise, offering an attractive vantage point where one can overlook the natural landscape around Augusta. In addition to the visual appeal, there is a plethora of activities, including cycling, hiking and bird watching. For those interested in ecology, there is also a dedicated water research park and environmental education center open to visitors.

Attend an outdoor concert.

Located in Evans Town Center Park, the Lady Antebellum Pavilion has become one of the city’s most popular concert venues since its creation in 2011. The 7,000-capacity amphitheater, named after the famous band whose members grew up in Augusta, hosts a variety of outdoor music events throughout the year, including both emerging and established performers.

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